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why do you think you are qualified for this job

With the economic scenario changing quite fast, the number of jobs available has slowly decreasing. Of course, companies are still looking for the right resource for the right job, and the interviews are still formed out of several questions that are not about the experience of a person on a professional level, but also whether they have the best qualities and competencies for the said job. There are some questions that might seem tough, but these are actually questions that are used to choose the first amongst equals. One of these questions is why do you think you are qualified for this position. The employer wants to observe what makes you a must have. He wishes to know if you understand the position requirement and also to verify that the values you posses make you the best for this job Those qualities that other prospective candidates may not have. Be prepared for this question because it is commonly asked by many employers also to see. Many a times candidates fall back to defend themselves rather than taking this great opportunity to formulate an appropriate response. Here are some aspects to remember while answering the question. To reply to the question, you should actually first ask yourself why you are qualified for the job. Once you have asked this question to yourself, you will be better equipped to answer it. For example, while preparing your answer to this question before the interview, you will find out some hidden traits and positive aspects that you have, which you can use to answer the question. Remember that the question is the best way to portray your positive aspects to the interviewer. Therefore, you should make it a point to put across your positive aspects to the interviewer when asked this question. Another aspect to remember is that one is better eligible for a job if they hold a personal interest in the job and in the area/industry he applies for.

For example, if you are interested in graphics, the role of a web designer or a graphic artist would always be more lucrative for you. Keep this in mind while replying to the question of why do you believe you are more qualified for this job. If you succeed in connecting your hobbies and personal tastes to the job that is at hand, you stand a better chance of being selected to the job. These are the two important aspects that you should keep in mind when asked about your qualifications. Answering: Why do you feel you are qualified for this job? A good way to answer this question is to bear in mind that if you were actually invited into the interview process, there is already something in your background that interests the company. So, you could take this opportunity to direct the discussion to the jobs competencies requirements, which are what really concerns the employer, and discuss any possible match points between your skills set to the job needs using these comparison of competencies to your advantage. Continue reading the related articles.
Most job seekers encounter the following scenario at some point in their career: youre not the typical worker bee; you have diverse experience and have performed a variety of functions in your career. Any employer should welcome your skills, but when you apply for your next job, the company wants at least 10 years of direct work experience and couldnt care less about your eclectic background. So youre not even considered for the position. Its pointless to ask if this is fair. The burden is on you to demonstrate why youre a good hire even if your qualifications arent a perfect match for the position. Here are 4 tips for getting past this hurdle and landing the job you want: Fill in the gaps in your cover letter Cover letters, once a staple of job applications, have become passe.

With a large volume of job applicants to review in todays online world, most human resources professionals just scan through resumes with a cookie-cutter checklist by their side. That doesnt mean, however, that a brief, well-crafted note wont attract the attention of a conscientious reviewer. In fact, if you can make a succinct case for why you should be hired, you will actually make the reviewers job easier and differentiate yourself from the pack. It shows initiative and thoughtfulness on your part. The key here is to tell your story and use it to demonstrate your value: how have you evolved as a professional, what specific skills have you gained from your various experiences, and how will those things add value to the company. Tell that story convincingly, and you should at least get an interview. Be honest youre not perfect Conventional wisdom encourages us to highlight the positive and stay away from the negative. That makes sense but the flip side of that coin is that if you dont address your obvious weaknesses proactively and show an employer why they dont matter (or how you will get around them), they will likely be held against you and eliminate you from the race altogether. Using the above example, if a job requires 10 years of direct work experience but you only have 5, you need to acknowledge that discrepancy but explain why you believe you can do the job just as proficiently as someone who meets that criterion. Otherwise, human resources will simply throw your resume into the no pile without a second thought. This is yet another reason a cover note is so essential. Even most standard online applications allow you to make a personal statement in a comment box, so use that to help the reviewer understand why your track record, no matter how diverse or indirect, has honed you into the type of professional theyre looking for.

If you lack some particular skill, acknowledge it and explain why it wont be a problem (perhaps youre taking a course at your local college). And dont assume that the skills you have cant be applied in a particular job just because the description doesnt say so. Connect the dots for an employer When applying for multiple jobs, its natural for candidates to become fatigued and start cutting corners. The temptation is to leave it to the company to figure out how valuable your skills are. Thats fine if you meet all the requirements for a job but can hurt you if your story isnt straightforward. Make it easy for the reviewer to follow your career trajectory, both on paper and in person. That means dont just state facts but spell out what those facts mean. For example, if you started your career in media investment banking at Morgan Stanley, then moved to an operations role at Disney, and now want to join Google in strategy, explain how your banking experience taught you about the business aspects of media and got you the operations job at Disney, which in turn showed you how traditional media is changing in a digital age and positions you to help Google with business strategy. Make a promise The one quality that a resume cant capture is motivation. Even if you lack a particular skill required for a job, promising that you will make up for the deficiency through hard work, dedication and willingness to learn will help your chances. Motivation isnt a guarantee of success, but its a strong indicator. And making a sincere promise that you will do whatever it takes to excel at your job will give your potential employer comfort. S. Kumar is a tech and business commentator. He has worked in technology, media, and telecom investment banking. Kumar does not own shares of the companies mentioned in this article.

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