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why should i break up with my girlfriend

1. You fight more than once a month, and it always ends in what my friend calls The State of the Union where you discuss breaking up but never do. 2. You find yourself bored when they talk, and thinking about other things watching their lips move. 3. You look forward to nights you can go out with friends without them. 4. You don t want to introduce them to people as your significant other so you just settle on, Uh this is [their name]. 5. They tell you they re going away for a few days for work, or a family thing and you start planning all the stuff you re gonna do without them. 6. If someone hits on you, you let them buy you drinks and flirt back. You re not gonna cheat but it s no good to send away someone with potential right? 7. When they express their opinion about something, you think it s ridiculous and you feel like they look down on your opinions too. 8. You feel afraid to express yourself because they tend to interrupt you or condescend to you until you feel dismissed. 9. They don t please you sexually and you don t feel like you can tell them what you need. 10.

They ve ever raised a hand to you, even if they never actually hit you. If they ve shoved you or threatened violence, that s enough. 11. You miss out on fun events and hang outs because you feel obligated to stay in with them. 12. They make fun of your ambitions and seem to have none of their own. 13. They never do anything considerate for you without you having to needle them into doing it. It s not as cute when you have to ask them to surprise you with flowers. 14. They talk shit about your friends and/or family. You re allowed to complain about them because you love them. They are not. 15. They disagree with you on some fundamental stuff like the importance of feminism or abortion or the death penalty and they don t respect your opinion. 16. When you go out together, you end up drunkenly fighting and crying in the street like a hot mess. 17. They get insanely jealous of any friends you have that might even remotely be interested in you. It shows they don t trust you. 18. They hate your taste in movies, music and books and they like to let you know every single day that their taste is way better. 19.

You can t remember the last time they affectionately kissed your forehead for no reason. 20. You fantasize about breaking up with them more than once a week.
See if your relationship is suffering from a serious problem. Though a series of less-serious signs can also indicate the need for a break-up, there are some signs that almost always indicate that you either need to end your relationship or seriously change your tune. If these signs apply to you, then it may be time to break-up: You've suffered physical and/or psychological abuse, financial exploitation, sexual abuse or degradation from your partner past the point of damage to your health and safety. Your partner constantly pressures you to do something you're not comfortable with, such as being part of a dangerous or criminal activity. Harsh ultimatums and threatening statements are all signs of a potentially dangerous relationship. Don't fall for the "If you really love me, you'd do this. " trick.

Endless strife or despair has taken over the major areas of couple functioning communication, sex, finances and emotional support. Jealousy becomes a major issue. A relationship becomes unhealthy if your partner tries to put restrictions on who you hang out with, when, and for how long. Your partner is not in control of your social life; you are. Your partner has been involved in long-term alcohol or drug abuse/addiction that they can't break free from and your life, or your children's lives, have suffered markedly because of it. You are involved in long-term alcohol or drug addiction that you can't break free from. You aren't doing anyone any good by staying in the relationship. Your relationship was based on superficial foundations that no longer work, such as partying, shared hobbies, or sex without love, and you are ready to move beyond these things. Your partner tries to control what you wear and how you look. It is your body, your face, your hair, and your wardrobe; you decide what to do with it.

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