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why shortcuts are created in pen drive

This type issue could be caused by a USB virus. It will spread to all of your USB memory devices and hard disk. Here is a tool to remove the virus and vaccinate your USB against further viruses. Download UsbFix (created by El Desaparecido) on your desktop. Here is the link. If your antivirus gives an alert, ignore it and temporarily deactivate the antivirus. Plug in your usb devices (Flash drive, pen drive. External HD etc. ) don't open them. Double click sur UsbFix. exe. Let the tool work. At the end of the scan a report will show which you can copy and paste here. The report is save at the root ( C:UsbFix. txt ). You can also vaccinate against any virus.
Files on flash drive changed to shortcuts, how to open or recover shortcut files?

I have a flash drive and used it to save my favorite pictures and some important documents. But in this morning when I connected it to another computer, it was affected by a virus and turned to shortcut. This accident brings me many troubles. My files, images, folders in the pen drive are just shown as shortcuts and not inaccessible. I was wondering is it possible to recover those shortcut files? If it is possible, how can I do it? Now I am extremely desperate because I have tried all the method suggested, by unhiding the files, install and run software to disable autorun, as well as antimalware. None of them works. If you know some effective way to recover files infected by shortcut virus, please help!

A shortcut virus infected hard disk, flash drive, pen drive can definitely create endless troubles. The names of the files might be altered by the virus and become shortcuts. In this condition, it becomes difficult for you to open or view those files even after eradicating the virus. But no worries. It is possible for you to in two ways. Solution 1. Recover shortcut files using CMD If the flash drive is not formatted, the shortcut files must have been stored in the hardware in hidden mode. You can recover them using CMD by following these steps: 1. Press Windows + R and type: cmd. 2. Type: chkdsk E: /f and hit Enter. ( Replace E: with the drive letter of your device where you lost or deleted files. 3.

Type: Y and hit Enter. 4. Type E: again and hit Enter. (Replace E: with the drive letter of your pen drive letter where you lost or deleted files. ) 5. Type: attrib -h - r -s /s /d *. * and hit Enter. Finish all these steps you can check your files in on the pen drive. If you can't find the files you want, you can try another solution: recover shortcut files with EaseUS data recovery software. Solution 2. Recover shortcut files with EaseUS data recovery software Or you can try with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, which is a professional that can help you recover files infected by shortcut virus from hard drives and multiple storage devices such as USB flash drives, memory cards, pen drives, external hard drives, etc.

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