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why relationships are a waste of time

Long term serious relationships aren t what s a waste of time. There s quite a few reoccurring problems with relationships and marriages. Here s a little example of a made up couple I named of Jim and Julie who divorced after 4 years of marriage. These are things that are common with couples. Jim and Julie met each other right out of high school. They fell in love at first site and start dating. They love the moment they re in and feel it s going to be like this forever. Yes, the infamous infatuation feeling in the beginning of a relationship. Julie and Jim decide to move in a few months later, and little by little, learning each others habits. They get more comfortable with each other, and even though they hate each others habits, Jim proposed to Julie. Julie says yes, despite so hates many of Jim s habits. Let s skip till after they get married and pop out a few kids. After they have a few kids, Julie gains weight, let s herself go, and has no time or energy for sex anymore. Jim is always stressed from work, and afterwards, wants to drink and play xbox. Julie knew about his
drinking and xbox habits, but now wants him to change because he s a husband and a father now. Jim isn t having any of this, so he just leaves to hang with friends and bitches about Julie. He bitches about her telling him what to do, how she s controlling him, how she won t have sex and let herself go. He always talks about how she took the time to be with him, and put a lot into her looks to just let herself go.

Julie just got done calling her mother, telling her that Jim still does nothing but plays xbox and drinks. Jim and Julie often fight, call each other names, and wonder why the loved each other in the first place. This then turns in a 4 year marriage going to waste. Yes, 4 years doesn t seem long, but these days more and more people are getting divorces done really early into the relationship. Jim and Julie then just get into a nasty divorce, and everything they built into 4 years just went to waste. As you could see, Jim and Julie s relationship is scarily common. Jim s problem is that he had habits like drinking and playing video games all the time. Julie knew this long before marriage, but tried to change him. That was a bad idea and backfired. Julie s problem was that she DID change, and not just by becoming a mombie (a woman who loses herself to just motherhood), but also losing her looks that Jim lusted over. It s not that Jim is superficial, but it was a big quality in Julie that he liked. She changed too much and can t handle that she s not the woman he fell in love with. Not only that, but they called each other nasty names because of it, and talked to their friends and family behind each others back about these issues. There was a lack of proper communication between Jim and Julie, which is a huge problem in relationships. Neither one of them wanted to contribute equally to the relationship or save it, so they just broke it off.

Jim and Julie also didn t have much of a real friendship or partnership, but it was mainly based on the superficial qualities they fell for up front and thought was love. So no, it s not that relationships aren t a waste of time, and that true love doesn t exist. It s that people hate when that infatuation and honeymoon phase goes away. People believe their relationships are supposed to be fairy-tale perfect. Women often marry men they think they can just fix. Men aren t art projects. If these men had these habits before marriage, they re going to have them after marriage. They re not just going to drop what they ve always did because a piece of a paper and kids. Men tend to love attractive women, and after marriage, some women have less time for their looks and focus mainly on the children. Women aren t dolls that stay beautiful and perfect forever. Sex life often goes downhill because children, work, and stress. That also contributes to a bad relationship. It s not that love doesn t exist, it s just that people don t get the difference between love and that short time infatuation feel. I d think if people really loved each other in many cases, they d start to communicate, be each other s friends, and support each other the best way they can.
Sex is never free, you always pay with money, mental health or time. It always amused me how just after sex I lost interest and I wished she would shut up and go and not torture me with hours of pointless talk.

Now I understand the concept of Geisha, woman must be trained to be enterteinment, she must be very willing to please otherwise she is what she is, entitled silly person. She must dance, cook amazing meals, make long and sensual massages, be in good mood and look cute. otherwise why bother? If she is not willing to do her best, 10 minutes of crappy sex is not worth it. Why men dont see it? They are desperate for validation because they lack self worth and self esteem. Poisoned by bluepill fathers and mothers they are trained to please women and look for validation. Like a good puppy. Women are boring and shitty people. Cool hobbies? Sports? Money making? Board games?. you wish, they dont even know to cook anymore. Do you fancy good dinner? Go to restaurant. Want good fuck? Find escort. Want emotional support? Internet. Money making? You are alone. Massage? Go to massage parlour. Only moods, nagging and boring emotional conversation and they are not for free, you pay with time and mental health. Everytime woman has cool hobby its a bait for men or attention seeking like these gaming chicks or cosplay chicks. Women cant be alone because they are miserable cunts full of anxiety and mental issues. Women are awesome? Thats your dick pink glasses talking. Thats your fear of loneliness talking. Thats your thirst for validation. If you see through you will see they are what they are - waste of life.

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