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why do plant leaves turn brown on the edges

Brown leaf margins have other causes, including excess fertilizer when the symptom occurs in houseplants. Houseplants generally do best with monthly fertilizing in spring through fall, with one-half the recommended fertilizer strength used. For example, dilute 1/2 teaspoon of liquid houseplant fertilizer, instead of 1 teaspoon of it, per 1 quart of water. The appearance of a white crust on a houseplant's potting soil or container is a sign of excess fertilizer salts; four times in one hour, water the plant until the water leaks out its container's drainage hole to leach the excess fertilizer salts from the container and soil.

Two-spotted spider mites feed on leaves and may cause symptoms that resemble leaf scorch. The mites, however, also produce a fine webbing and stippling on the leaves.

Two-spotted spider mites often become resistant to miticides, but adequate watering for your particular plants can help the plants resist two-spotted spider mite infestations.
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