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why is air a bad conductor of heat

1) Air is a gas. It is not a good conductor of heat. It is an insulator. Open air molecules are far too disperse from one another to conduct heat efficiently. Heat is conducted by molecules and atoms that are very closely bonded together and vibrating at high frequencies. Open air is just not dense enough. 2) Wool is a heat insulator because of it's air pockets that block heat conduction, convection, radiation whereas if we consider an aluminum foil as a heat insulator because it reflects radiation.

It is useless for blocking conduction, because it's metal. So wool keeps clothes warm because it keeps heat in by trapping it with air
answered on July 2, 2003 Snow is an insulator.

It is a poor conductor of heat due to its low density and the great amount of trapped air in between the snow crystals. If you are asking about conduction of electricity, it would be about the same. Only salt water conducts electricity. Distilled water is not a good conductor. Since snow is relatively pure water, and coupled with its low density and great deal of air, it probably is a poor electrical conductor.

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