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why do plant cells have large vacuoles than animal cells

Why do animal cells not contain cell walls? Animal cells do not contain cell walls because cell walls prevent specialization, and individual animal cells do not need protection from the outside envir. How does osmosis affect everyday life? Osmosis affects cell volume in both plant and animal cells, allows for the storage of red blood cells outside of the body and preserves meats and fruits th.

Why do plants need water and sunlight? Sunlight and water both support the production of chemical nutrients inside the cells of a plant. Sunlight is critical in the process during which water mo. How do indoor growing kits for plants work? Indoor plant growing kits provide the optimal combination of light, nutrients and water for the plants to flourish.

Traditional indoor growing kits use a g.
They are both right. Animal cells do have vacuoles, but they are smaller, larger in number (plant cells usually have just one or a few large vacuoles) AND serve a somewhat different purpose than those of plants. A vacuole is basically a membrane-covered compartment (vesicle) filled with molecules, that shouldn't, right now, be in the cytoplasm.

For plants, this means long-term storage of water and waste products, which cannot be removed from the cell due to the cell wall. For animals it means mostly taking part in exocytosis and endocytosis - they are much more dynamic structures. And about some half-professional sources, which in fact calls plant vacuoles "a kind of specialized lysosome".

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