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why do you resign from the previous company

You re sitting in an interview, answering all the questions perfectly until the interviewer asks you that dreaded question, Why did you resign? In most cases, the question ends with awkward glances shared by the interviewee and the interviewer due to the sudden change of expression on interviewee s face. Believe it or not, the answer to this question could make or break your impression in the interview. Whether you were fired or you re quitting for other reasons, you have to be prepared. Here is a list of the best answers for this million dollar question:-
1. - I have really enjoyed working in my previous organization and learned a lot from the dedicated and hardworking people I was associated with. But now it s time for me to move on and take up new. Also, this position seemed like the perfect opportunity to move on to. 2. -We are relocating and the job is too far from my house.

So I thought it s best to get a job at a place closer to my house, which also suits my interest and educational qualifications. And I can put in extra hours in office, rather than in the commute. 3. - I have always dreamt of working in this organization and now that I am getting this opportunity, especially with this job profile that perfectly matches my qualifications; I don t want to skip it. 4. - Some problems in my family didn't allow me to work at that point in time. Owing to the unanticipated situation, I thought it was the best to quit and stay with them in their rainy days. But things are stable now and I am ready to start a new chapter of my life without looking back.

I want to start afresh with a positive attitude and will do my best to build a good career path for myself. 5. -Since I am in building my career and gaining experience, I feel it s best to not get too comfortable in one job and want to keep testing my own capabilities. It was a very enriching experience but I think I have done the best that I could have, for the and for myself. It s high time I move to a new place and develop a fresher perspective. One quick word of advice - bear in mind to not bad mouth your ex-boss or the previous organization. Even if it is otherwise, always suggest that you are leaving the previous organization with no animosity. So choose the most appropriate option that suits your situation or add responses to the list but make sure you have a substantial reason to resign.

Resham Beri Many employers want to know why you left your previous job because they often believe that you'll repeat the same behavior. Job-hoppers, in particular, are cautiously interviewed because employers don't want to incur excessive turnover costs. However, if you left your previous job because of an illness, you needn't explain why. You could simply say that you resigned from your previous job and leave it at that. But, such a short response could raise questions, too. Therefore, know what information you can disclose, what information you want to disclose and information you aren't required to disclose before you give a lengthy explanation about a previous illness.

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