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why do pitbulls have their ears cropped

Dog ears come in a variety of shapes and sizes, much like the different breeds themselves. However, rather than cherish their dog for how they've naturally come into the world, some owners think it's a good idea to engage in ear cropping to get a more "desirable" appearance. This tends to
in breeds like Great Danes, pit bulls, Dobermans and schnauzers. The problem is that ear cropping amounts to nothing more than forced mutilation so that poorly informed owners can make their dog what they deem to be prettier or fiercer. They often argue that floppy, natural ears should be chopped off because they're prone to infection. But that's not true. In fact, that ear shape has little effect on the risk of a dog getting an infection. At least 80 percent of dogs never contract one at all. The ones who do get the most infections are poodles and spaniels, breeds whose ears typically aren't cropped anyway. An American Pit Bull Terrier should NEVER have its tail docked (cut).

I've seen it in vintage photos from the 1900's but assumed the breed was still in its early years of being accepted as a purebred with breed standards and thus the tail was docked due to personal preference toward its bulldog background, or because I was actually looking at an early Boston terrier, which were hard to distinguish from an. Anywho, the cropped ears are traditional of being a working dog, many of the mastiff and early bulldog types had cut ears to show they're working dogs and this might have also been a form of ownership ID to distinguish particular dogs from the stray masses. (This is still done with many mastiff/herding breeds in their native countries. ) To cut a dog's tail because it bangs against your leg or sweeps junk off a table is ridiculous, as there are over 200+ purebred dogs to choose from and to modify the tail on a naturally tailed breed is arguably selfish. I've watched my own dogs' cropping surgeries and don't think the pain post surgery is much different between having it done on a young pup or an older one, as the amount of discomfort varies in individual dogs and the aftercare of the incision.

My dogs were cropped short and didn't need to be bandaged or taped, which seems to increase the chance of irritation. Some people prefer to let the dog mature before they crop so they know what length of ear will best suit them, though as the ear grows the folds set in and usually makes for a shorter crop anyway. There was some itching as they healed but no worse than a spay or healing from other invasive injuries. Of course, some people do illegal and terribly cruel home ear crops that involve tying the pup's legs and pinning the ears to a board to hold them while cutting with scissors, without any pain medication and the dog being fully awake. Totally barbaric and the ears usually are obvious due to lack of skill and the pup moving from the pain and restriciton.

If someone can justify this procedure, please let me know. Yes, I'm aware that some dogmen and most urban thugs commonly cut their own pups but that doesn't make it acceptible any more than neutering a dog w/out anethstesia (not that there'a a lot of that going on as looks take presidence over controlling population. ). offers and will always love a friendly, stable example with the ugliest conformation over a gorgeous breed standard ideal with rotten temperament. I wouldn't suggest someone crop any more than I'm tolerant of people condemning me for cropping. I lean toward helping cropped dogs out of the shelters, though, as they have the hardest image problem when disposed of into the system. , it's a matter of personal preference and both crop and natural is accepted in the breed standards. Docking the tail is not as it's considered a working breed just like the Australian Cattle Dog (heeler), which many lunkheads also dock.

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