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why do pisces fall in love so quickly

i can only speak for myself. i don't fall in love or out of love too quickly at all. it takes time for me to even say i love you and when i do i mean it. however, if i see certain things in my love's behavior that seems out of line i will take pause. if this behavior continues then i will talk to him about it. if it then continues, then i will start to mentally pull back and watch him. now he will not know that i am doing this, i am looking to see if his words are matching his actions. i am at this moment still in love but if i see his behavior continue i will again to talk to him telling them exactly what i am seeing and experiencing from his actions and/or words. if this continues, i will cut it off eventhough i am still in love. then i will go through a process of grieving for the relationship and for some unexplained reason one day something will snap and i won't have feelings for that person anymore. the crying will stop and i will be anew and i will go on. i never go back to an old love, not even to kiss them. when it is over it is over. i am not like some people who go back and fourth. and i think this shocks some people who are used to that back and fourth behavior. so to the person on the other side it does look like i fell out of love quickly but it took a lot of bullb*tter from them to get me there. the end.
Halfway through their love relationship, a Pisces realizes that they are with the wrong match.

So, what do they do next?

Stick to her or let her go? A tricky question to answer. Actually, he lets her go because he has found someone who is best suited for his character. His charming and inspiring personality helps him get out of situations that generally land everybody in trouble. It seems he is lost in his world where he can foresee future. More than the present dayвs activity, he is busy contemplating future predictions.

He comes across someone who is not in touch with the real world, but that is far from reality. A Pisces man is not too fond of daily activity but still completes his duty due to obligation. Due to his kind nature, he is at his best when he is doing social services. If your view on the current affairs of the state is different from that of a Pisces man, then you will have to put up with his temper. Though he comes across as someone ordinary, but once he opens up, you will be floored by his charismatic nature and intellectual analysis.

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