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why people want to be a doctor

The medical fieldбincorporates the most stringent selection procedures. Why? Because the risks are exceptionally high; in many cases it is a matter of life and death. Be aware that the interviewer leavesб
no stone unturned б before selecting the right candidate. The question why you want to be a doctor is frequently asked whether you are preparing for an interview for medical school or for a medical doctor. After reading this article, continue reading the following articles, both of which are located in theб БWhy do you want to become a doctor? Б is a typical question. The primary reason that an interviewer asks this question is to gauge an applicantБs motivational level. Needless to say, no employer will risk selecting an individual who lacks the motivation required. Thus, it is essential for you to improve the way you communicate your motivational levels to an interviewer. If you are able to put forward the right message across in the right way, the job can be yours. Having discussed the requirement of stringent selection procedures, let us grasp what happens in the mind of an interviewer while he/she checks the applicantБs motivational levels. An interviewer is able to check the motivational level of an applicant using a three-tier approach: Let us understand these three points with the help of an example. Question: б БWhy did you choose a medical doctor career? Why do you want to be a doctor? Б Бб Applicant 1: б БEver since I was a child, I wanted to be a medical doctor. I like helping and making people feel better. I feel that my personal mission is to help humanity defeat diseases and overcome suffering. Б Бб Applicant 2: б БI have always waned to work in this noble profession because I have the right concern and skill sets to address human health problems with utmost gravity; б I possess a unique combination of high emotional quotient and a sound scientific approach.

Becoming a doctor has always been a dream of mine and I worked hard to make it happen. Б Both answers communicate the motivational level quite well. By looking at the two answers you can tell which answer is better; obviously the latter. Thus, the second applicant has a higher chance of getting selected. But what is it that makes the second applicantб stand out? Statement of Purpose: The second applicant validates a strong statement of purpose. БHigh emotional quotientБ and Бscientific approachБ are the two most important attributes of a good doctor. By mentioning these two attributes, the applicant gains the interest of the interviewer. Hopefully, the interviewer understands that the applicant is clear about the prerequisites of the job and has the abilities to be a successful doctor. The first applicant tells about his/her general career aspiration, which is fine, but forgets to outline why s/he thinks s/he can be a good doctor. The second applicant seems to be more mature in communicating the intensity of his motivation. The applicant is not ambiguous; rather, he is forthright in mentioning that he possesses the appropriate skill sets for the job. Body Language: The second applicant appears to be more enthusiastic in answering the question. He elaborates more about the skills he has and how he fits in the professional field. Now that you have understood how to answer the question, you need to elaborate on what we have mentioned. If you can enumerate a few instances where you have utilized the skills, then the job is almost definitely yours!

I was talking with someone the other day on their reasons of why they wanted to start a career in medicine and I got really annoyed on how they kept trying to find some all powerful all encompassing, Albert Schweitzer insiprational answer, but really came up with nothing solid in the end. Its my personal believe that there s nothing wrong to want to become a doctor for practical reasons, as long as you can show that you re willing to put up with stress and grueling work that comes with the training and the life. There is nothing wrong with saying you want to be a doctor because its a good career with solid financial security, who wouldn t seek that in a career? I m sure if being a humanitarian in the Congo had very high pay with good benefits, no one would object to doing it for those reasons. A few years ago I talked with a physician friend of mine who told me his reasons for entering medicine, and it was probably the most genuine answer I ve heard yet. He applied during the early nineties when the job market fell in the engineering sector, he was originally an electrical engineering major at UCI, and he was looking for a solid career change. He found it in medicine and isn t any less caring of his patients than any other doctor I ve met. And money was his initial interest in medicine. Another thing is respect, why wouldn t respect be a reason to wanting to become a physician? I can think of a lot of people who work their asses off everyday and don t earn half of the respect thats entitled to them because of the nature of their job, they re called public school teachers.

A doctor is well respected as a scholar in medical science and its applications, they work years to be experts in their field. Thats a nice perk having to your career versus a career where you are not appreciated for your experience and knowledge. Respect, in my opinion, is a well deserved to the men and women who choose to become doctors. Any finally helping people, think about it. you re a highly respected well paid physician who does something everyday that many professions don t do directly, which is helping people. Who wouldn t want that? What is wrong with wanting a career that comes with the great salary potential and respect for helping sick people? Now granted that these aspects of medicine aren t fully visible until after at least 10 years of sadomasochistic education and training is probably where all this practicality might and disappear. Under extreme stress, these reasons ALONE, may not be enough to persuade someone who is struggling, from withdrawing from school or quitting the profession all together. I understand this, and that is why doctor should appreciate and recognize the humanitarian aspects of their work, and that doing what they do everyday has a higher, all encompassing purpose to the lives of the people they treat. I have met medical students who have dropped out or considered failing out of medical school because the stress just wasn t worth it. If you can convince yourself, for whatever reasons that you have, that it is worth it to stick through the most stressful 10 years of your youth, to gain whatever it is that you seek in being a physician. then I think that you ve have got as good as reason as anyone else s to being a damn fine physician.

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