why do you need an audio interface

Something we hear at MusicianБs Friend all the time is, БMy computer already has a sound card; can I use that to record? Б
While the sound card in your computer, tablet, or smartphone is an audio interface, if itБs the standard type installed in most computers and mobile devices, itБs not up to the the job. Consumer-level sound and limited connectivity severely limit its abilities for recording or mixing music. Most standard computer sound cards only have a consumer-grade stereo line level input for connecting audio players and similar gear. For outputs it will likely have a stereo headphone and/or speaker output. And thatБs it. Even if your recording plans are limitedБjust recording your voice and electric guitar for exampleБthe sound card lacks the appropriate connections. In order to record, youБre going to need an XLR input for your mic and a high-Z phone plug input for your guitar. YouБll also need quality outputs that will allow you to monitor your recording and sound editing using speakers and/or headphones.

The output needs to allow you to play back your recordings without the jitter, noise, and latency common with standard computer sound cards. The good news is that there are hundreds of audio interfaces to choose from. YouБll find models with a wide range of functions, connectivity options, and audio quality that will likely suit your needs and budget. Whether you plan to use your desktop or laptop computer, or a tablet or smartphone running audio production apps, youБll find many compatible interfaces to choose from. Though the range of interfaces is huge, there are just a few key considerations that will help you hone in on an interface that makes sense for your recording needs, music, and budget. What inputs and outputs (I/O) do I need? What kind of computer/device connectivity do I need? What level of sound quality do I need? WhatБs my budget? On the MusicianБs Friend site we make the process of sorting through these requirements easy.

Once youБre on the page with the entire, you can filter the results using these criteria (among others): Learn much more about selecting the right model with our expert. Well, for a start, the macs are great in terms of audio quality. beginners and most amateurs dont even know exactly what an audio interface does to the sound and what the impact of the conversion has on their development. They might know it technically, but they might not know it like personally. But thats a part of the learning curve. I think that once they get a hang on how to mix right, and how to properly balance each and every sound in their songs, then the natural path is to find a audio interface that fits them. and that is really hard to do because most people dont have the money to buy an audio interface, test it, buy another one, and test that, etc etc. also audio interfaces only affect the playback, not the actual audio data stored in the wav/mp3 file. so in short: audio interfaces sound different, much like speakers sound different.

So combining the right audio interface with the right speakers is a whole problem in it self if one was to hunt for ultimate sound quality. My story is that I used to produce my music with a PC which I later on compared with my macbook pro, and oh boy did the macbook pro have much much better audio representation than the PC. And later on I bought a pair of AKG Q701, and WOW I could hear every single detail in every song that I once loved so much. I even noticed that my favorite songs werent that good and I was thinking that maybe it was because of my headphones? I was correct. Because I thought that if great songs sound bad like this (not really bad theyre great songs) then I could produce even better than this. This sparked me up to REALLY get into music. A couple of months later with my macbook pro which I find to have a great audio representation, together with my AKG Q701 which have undeniable quality, and the interest and curiosity which was sparked by the two discoverys I did with the macbook and the headphones, I now have great chances of getting in to the music industry.

Why? because thanks to the 4 ingredients of mac, headphones, interest and curiosity, people have really been blown away of my music quality. and that was when I barely had any good song production. So the quality is Key, but interest and curiosity is what it comes down to in the end. So you re right in youre article; Do you need an Audio Interface if you only do Electronic Music? Answer: It depends! And until this day I havent read any article or seen any video that explains what people seem to want to get an answer for, which ultimately is: How to create great music? or at least How to make my music sound great? Thats something that people always want to get an answer to. What s missing in the production? Lack of audio quality (audio interface, headphones) Or is it maybe lack of skills? Sorry for the long post, just wanted to share my view of how I see it р

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