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why do you need a router and a modem

A modem converts the data that comes in form your phone line or coax line into Ethernet, both as a cable and as the format the data is in. A router takes that one connection with 1 IP address and allows you to share that among multiple devices. A WiFi router is a router with WiFi capabilities. You need both a router and a modem. Now there are router/modem combo devices and are typically what your ISP gives you. If your box has only one etherent port on it then it is likely just a modem. If it has multiple Ethernet ports on it, it is likely a modem/router combo.

Most of us on Toms suggest you get a separate modem and router if you are wanting to have your own equipment. First and foremost combo devices are never as powerfull as separate routers are. You can get a $50 modem and $50 router that is far superior to the $100 router/modem. The other large factor is that you can use a standard router with ANY type of internet connection (dsl, cable, fiber, etc), while if you buy a new modem/router and in 3 months latter you switch to say a cable ISP, your modem/router wont work with their service.
I recently moved and joined Time Warner (no other bundle providers in my area).

Through previous companies I was able to set up time restrictions for certain devices (for my kids) through the provided router/modem. With the provided ubee DVW32CB I found out that i do not have this option. I've never had to buy my own modem/router so I'm confused on what to get. From my searching I read the ARRIS SURFboard SB6121 would be adequate for my needs but I don't know if I need to buy a wireless router also with the ARRIS. Or can I just buy a wireless router and not need the modem?

Just plain confused. Time Warner website only mentions modem. My current Time Warner plan consist of Calbe TV, Internet Extreme 50/5 mbps, and phone. The only reason I have phone is because it was cheaper to get it with the package. I don't need it and I don't use it so I won't need that option with my new set up.

My son plays his ps4 online. The rest of us (4) surf the net and watch videos. So far it has been working well. We live in an apt so there are a bunch of other people around us on their own networks. We all connect wifi. Do I have to have both a modem and wireless router? Do all the other makers of the modem and routers have time restriction controls? Thank you for all the help I really appreciate it! I'm getting tired of having to change my wifi password every night.

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