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why do you get circles under your eyes

Been burning the candle at both ends like Effie? (Picture: Channel 4)
Itвs a day of the week so weвre feeling a little fatigued. And weвre already battling those pesky dark shadows under our eyes. But why do we get dark circles under our eyes when weвre knackered? First up, itвs important to note that dark circles and eye-bags are two separate things, although they often appear in tandem. Dark circles Dark circles are down to genes as much as lack of sleep. The skin underneath your eyes is thin and covers muscles, fatty tissue and blood vessels. Dark circles are the result of light being reflected back from blood vessels sitting just below the skinвs surface. How dark that area is has a lot to do with skin colour and thickness. As to why theyвre more prominent when youвre tired, itвs because your blood vessels increase in size. When youвre knackered, your body produces more cortisol to help boost energy levels, which results in more blood in the body and larger blood vessels. Hence darker circles. Also, if youвve been lying horizontally for a long time в i. e. trying desperately to get to sleep в blood flow will be increased under the eyes.

As for bagsв There is a correlation between bags and age (yep, sad face). As you get older, itвs now believed the volume of fatty tissue under your eyes increases; hence the bags. Tiredness will make them more noticeable because the body retains more fluid, which forces blood vessels closer to the surface of the skin. В The same thing happens if you eat a lot of salt or have allergies. Gravity will also affect the skin under the eyes in time, causing tissue to droop a little. So, there you have it. Now, off you go and get some shut-eye. When you spot those under your eyes, is your lack of sleep the first thing you blame? While getting a decent amount of shut eye is incredibly important, being tired isn't the only reason your skin appears red, purple, and even a little blue. These are seven other things that could be keeping the area under your eyes from looking their best and brightest. 1.

Your parents passed on bad genes. That's right your parents could be to blame for your dark circles. "There are hereditary conditions that run in families that can lead to darkness under the eyes," explains New York City dermatologist, Director of the Juva Skin Laser Center in New York. "This is very common in people with Mediterranean backgrounds. " The good news: if it's pigmentation, there are specific lasers dermatologists can use that can help you get rid of it. 2. Eczema could be leading you to rub. While the eczema itself may not lead to the dark circles, the constant rubbing and itching most certainly can. "Excessive rubbing can lead to increased swelling, inflammation, and broken blood vessels in the eye area, which can give the skin a dark, almost bruised appearance," says dermatologist, Director at The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic Laser Surgery in Mt. Kisco, NY. 3. Allergies can make you itchy. Skin conditions like eczema aren't the only health concern that can cause your under eye woes. "Allergies often trigger histamines in the body which cause blood vessels to dilate," explains Dr.

Bank. "Since the skin on our eyelid and under eye area is some of the thinnest in the body, it may cause those swollen blood vessels to appear darker than the rest of the face. " Long story short: Take care of those allergies ASAP, then your derm can treat the pigmentation. 4. Your makeup could be irritating you. It seems counterintuitive makeup is supposed to, right? But if you're using a product, whether it's a mascara, eyeshadow, or even concealer, that bugs your skin, it could be leading to worsened circles. "Some people develop allergic reactions to makeup, and they get circles from the irritation, rubbing, and scratching," warns Dr. Katz. If you notice your eyes are looking a little rough after using that, perhaps steer clear. 5. Your bone structure could be to blame. Surprisingly, your circles could have nothing to do with your actual skin it could simply be the way your face is shaped. "When people have deep tear troughs under their eyes, the shadowing and indentation can cause the, but it's not actually from pigment or veins," says Dr.

Katz. If this is your personal dilemma, Dr. Katz says fillers from a certified pro can even out the eye area. 6. Veins can give you a blue tint. If your eye areas look particularly blue, it could simply be your blood vessels. "Blue veins under your eyes look dark, too, so it makes the eyelids and under eyes appear to have dark circles, but really it's just the veins under the skin," explains Dr. Katz. Try using to cover 'em up. 7. You're not protecting your skin from the sun. You may think heading outside could brighten up your skin, but not if you let your delicate under eye area get too exposed. "Eyelid skin is the thinnest in the body, so sun damage shows up quickly in this area in the form of dilating and increased blood flow," says Dr. Bank. "As a result, you can see a dark glow or color through the transparency of the skin. " Just another reason to wear SPF! Follow Good Housekeeping on and.

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