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why do you choose nursing as a career

>> Nursing is a noble career option. Itвs a career that allows you to help save peopleвs lives, bring cheer, and comfort to those in need. The nursing career is very gratifying and rewarding in terms of the joys it brings. A few reasons why you should opt for a nursing career are listed below. You Will Find Great Job Security Being a nurse can be an exciting career option for both men and women. This field has a lot to offer; with mortality levels at an all time low and newer technologies brightening up the medical field, health care careers are booming. If youвre a great nurse, youвll always be in demand and there are many job opportunities from which you can choose.

Plus, you can study to be a medical assistant, a surgeon assistant or even a doctor while working as a nurse. Worrying about job security will be a thing of the past. You Can Make A Difference In Someoneвs Life Youвll learn the value of life as a nurse, when you see people fighting to stay alive. Every breath of life is a gift and no one learns this lesson better than someone who nurses a dying patient day and night. People with strong values, respect for human life, compassion for suffering and empathy will be attracted to the nursing career. You Can Learn Continuously As a nurse, you have a continuous opportunity for learning. You can opt to work in different departments, study to be a medical assistant and also get into nursing management where you can grow and nurture new nurses and share your knowledge.

You can make a significant impact on health care using your initiative and compassion. You can also encourage people who show compassion and caring for life to take up nursing as a career. Nursing is the ideal career for you if you want to be challenged continually and also want to gain knowledge pertaining to the human body, its diseases, and life challenges and so on. You Can Enjoy Diverse Job Opportunities The nursing career opens up many diverse job opportunities and you can choose many different paths in the course of your career.

There arenвt that many careers that allow you this kind of diverse job opportunity. Apart from this, you have job security, with good wages, a challenging atmosphere, and the chance to learn and grow into different paths. The nursing career is fast paced and you have to be an energetic individual who can multi-task and manage priorities to opt for this career. Nursing jobs are high demand; this field is experiencing significant growth and you can be right there, harvesting the growth and learning opportunities. Next:
Nursing has strong growth potential, so nurses are unlikely to have trouble finding work. Employment of registered nurses will increase 26 percent through 2020, a growth rate that outpaces the 14. 3 percent average gain for all jobs, according to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Nurses will be in demand for years to come partly because the population is aging and using more health services. Plus, advances in medical technology mean more opportunities to provide health care to increasing numbers of patients. The BLS projects the fastest nursing growth in outpatient care centers, doctorsв offices, long-term care centers and in-home care. Nurses with at least a bachelorвs degree, as well as advanced practice nurses, will be in the highest demand, especially in underserved urban cores and rural areas.

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