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why do you believe in god essay

I believe that God is good. I believe that God helps you through the hard times that
you have throughout your life. I believe that God will answer you when you pray to him in those hard times. I believe that is what faith is. My faith grew when my grandpa died. My faith grew because when I lost my did not know what to do. I didn't think I could go on. My Grandpa and I were so close and he did everything with me. He came over to our house almost every day and ate dinner with us and visited. He also spoiled me with everything you can imagine. One of my most favorite memories was at Easter time when he bought my sister and I a huge Little Tikes tugboat, he strapped it to the roof of his car and drove in our driveway with it and he filled it with Easter candy. That was my Grandpa, he always went way out for me. He never came over without something for me. Maybe some ice cream or a candy bar or a pack of gum. But he never came without anything. I loved my Grandpa so much.

I prayed so hard to God to help me get over losing him. If it wasn't for God I would not him. have faith you believe in something without being able to touch it or see it. That is so powerful. To believe in God you have to have faith because you can t see him or touch him. You only have the bible to read to guide you. times in your life. I believe that everyone should believe in God, always be there for you. I am a example, because he helped me. So I know he help others too. He will always be your friend even if you do not have any friends. He is always there in good times and bad. And he will always love you no matter what. God sent his only son to suffer and die on the cross and rise from the dead. He paid the price for our sins. That is what grace is. God says whoever believes in me will be saved and have eternal life with him in heaven. Where there is no more worry and no more pain. I feel better knowing that my Grandpa is in heaven having fun and is in no more pain.

He loved us that much, that he died for us. He is such an awesome God. In heaven there is only happiness and joy and beautiful things. So much happiness we cannot even imagine. There will not be sickness or evil anymore. times that we have every day and week. I have turned to these often and these are some of my favorite quotes : For with God nothing shall be impossible -Luke 1:36. Another one is Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved - Acts 16:31. Extracts from this document. Most people on this world believe in god for many reasons. Some antognostic people or those against religion turn astray. These extremist belivers of God cannot be distracted from the path they find as the right path. These extremist belivers know that the exsistance of planets had to be designed by a very powerful creator god. Belivers of God, no matter what religion they are from know that the creation of planets, the whole humanity and other existing things don't exist because of some accident.

Everyone can see the beautiful sceneries, the pattern and layout of how the contents of the complicated Milky Way is positioned this example encourages people to believe in [God]. Every existing thing I mean the attracting mobiles and the rich televisions e. t. c. All Gods design have a position reason [point] to why they exist mostly the reason leads to the people believing in God. Scientists believe that the eternal universe has been a result of a big bang reaction. But most religious people don't agree with this, although my personal statement defends this because God could have stetted the dust particles so they react with the space elements so an explosion takes place to produce the big bang. But I also argue that some people want to know why these planets exist and how they became habited. People who believe this look for evidence e. g. the first cause to prove and convince themselves that God exists.

Although the question something cannot come from nothing? A person's conscious varies from person to person. A person always has a right and wrong path to every step of life. After a person looks at evil factors of life it can bring a person to believe in God but a person turn astray and lead to evil. Uniqueness poverty racism can persuade a person or influence a person to believe in God People cannot see God but they still believe God exists There beliefs bring them to have faith in God often seeing, feeling and tasting the natural and everyday life products can lead to a person believing in God, e. g. smell, wind and electricity e. t. c. Although these small obstacles of everyday don't have to be natural. All these things that I have mentioned could lead a person to believe in God but there are also infinity more reasons. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our section.

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