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why does he like me so much quiz

There is this guy that goes to my school and I ve known him for a few months we always hangout outside of school but we have no classes with each other inside of school so I can t tell if he likes me or not when I first met him he made me give him a hug and my number all of his friends says he likes me and I can tell he might like me and some of his friends told me that he was gonna ask out another girl to make me jealous but the thing is about the girl he s gonna ask out she isn t pretty and I know everything isn t based on looks but she is really mean too one time in the breakfast line at school we started talking and she said: "so I heard from a little birdy you like (lets say his name is Steve) Steve, (so I was like sure I guess) then she turned around and said you like Steve MY steve".

When I think she s just pressuring him into asking her out which kind of bugs me but idk what to do about this

So. a boy in my school likes me n his friend does too. But also 10 boys have just out of nowhere started liking me just because i got better clothes. LIKE Y!!!!!!!!! Anyways i have gotten to comfortable talking to boys that they think im flirting like nooooooooo and then they start flirting wit me n i never notice BUT ANYWAYS. There is a boy who likes meh but he has a gf and i only like him as a friend n the test says he likes me alot but i tried other stuff too and it says different things.

Then my crush he only knows me as his best friends sis friend but i like him a lot and idk if he even realizes IM ALIVE!!!! Y R BOYS SO CONFUSING

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