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This blog is finished with over-simplistic "red flag" checklists that shame survivors, promote bigotry, or refuse to tell the whole story. Instead, we're archiving real survivors' stories and identifying many red flags of abuse in ways that are affirming and empowering. Mods:, and. This blog is not as regularly updated anymore aside from the occasional post, sorry. But it is meant to be an archive and a resource and will remain as such. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and shared
Note about submissions: We always appreciate receiving stories and contributions, and we are happy to provide support wherever possible. We receive a number of submissions that we (for a number of reasons) are unable to publish.

We hope that everyone understands. Additionally, we will never share any information about readers' experiences without their consent. Are you tired of that aching feeling in your heart? Do you feel like youБre having to work every day to earn your partnerБs love? Has your partner cheated on you? This book guides women in putting their finger on exactly what has gone wrong in their relationships, and knowing what decisive action to take now. Find out whether your relationship can be repaired, and how to fix it. And if itБs beyond repair Б weБll tell you how to know when itБs time to end it Б we will help you move through your disappointment and anger to build a new life that is vibrant and satisfying, where you are in charge of what happens.

HereБs what we cover: How to tell the root cause of why your partner isnБt giving you the love you deserve. Is it immaturity? Fear of commitment? Addiction? Mental health problems? Abusiveness? YouБll learn how to test for each of these, and what it means if the answer is yes. How to get your partner to listen to you and understand that he has to work on himself and make changes. How to point him toward the right kind of help Б and how to find out if heБs serious about growing up and changing or not. How to get yourself stronger and happier, so that you can face up to the hard challenge of ending your relationship if it turns out you need to.

And if your partner does manage to grow in the ways you need him to, youБll still benefit from learning how to keep yourself on solid ground emotionally, so that you donБt rise and fall with the ups and downs of your relationship. If you have to move on, youБll learn how to choose a partner next time who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated, wonБt cheat on you, and will make you a priority. This is the book women have been waiting for. It offers information, insights, and a clear plan of action. Lundy Bancroft, the countryБs best-known author on abusive relationships, teams up with womenБs advocate and workshop leader JAC Patrissi to bring you this hopeful and empowering guidebook.

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