why do we need sport and recreation facilities

Sport and recreation builds, and
communities across Western Australia. The Government of Western Australia is committed to supporting the development of a sustainable and diverse sport and recreation system that encourages participation, develops talent and contributes to the health and wellbeing of individuals and groups in our state. As the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, we strongly advocate the benefits of sport and recreation, not only for the physical, but the positive impact on the mental and emotional wellbeing of the community. The Department prides itself on developing programs and projects in partnership with the community that promote a series of benefits beyond the traditional aspirations of improved health and wellbeing. These include: Environmental outcomes. It's our belief that sport and recreation can be a vehicle for positive social change.

Sport and recreation helps to bind families through shared experiences and shared achievements. Through participation, sport helps address anti-social behaviour and can support education. Sport and recreation contributes to economic growth through business investment and employment, and helps sustain the environment through protecting open space and natural areas. It also promotes the use of active modes of transport, such as cycling and walking. Below is a visual representation of the many ways sport and recreation benefits the people and communities of Western Australia. This graphic and more detailed information on the work of the Department is available in our 11 Community, Sport and Recreation Facilities and Services 11. 1 Community facilities are important for a number of reasons.

P Sports and recreational facilities are valuable for health and fitness, they allow people to be involved in team activities and give people of all ages an outlet for their energy. P Other facilities such as community and village halls are important in that they provide a venue for various activities and a focus for the community. P Caterham and Oxted both have small community theatres that are well used. P The Community Strategy has a number of objectives related to physical activities, improving health and leisure. P Many of these will be delivered by increased take up of existing provision; however the planning strategy of resisting the loss of community, sport and recreational facilities and seeking enhancements to the quantity and quality to meet any identified deficiencies will also help to deliver these objectives. 11. 2 There is no identified shortage of sports and recreational facilities in the District.

P In 2005 the Council received the results of an audit undertaken in response to PPG17 Planning for Open Space, Sport and Recreation. P The results of this audit are set out in the Tandridge District Playing Pitch and Open Spaces Strategy 2005 - 2015PP (. P The study shows that there are over 100 hectares (249 acres) of pitches in secured community use 1. 273 ha per 1000 population. P This compares favourably with the National Playing Fields Association (NPFA) recommendation of 1. 21 ha per 1000 population. P The Strategy recommends that this ratio is adopted as the guideline for future developments in the District. P There are over 300 ha of open spaces and pitches available to the community within the District, this equates to 3. 8 ha per 1000 population well above the NPFA standard.

It should be noted that PPG17 encourages authorities to adopt their own standards. P However the NPFA standard is well recognised and has stood the test of time. P The District ratio is not dissimilar to the NPFA standard and is therefore adopted as the standard through this Core Strategy. The Playing Pitch strategy recommends that other sites could be brought into public use should the demand/population increase. 11. 3 Both Caterham and Oxted have swimming pool/fitness suites and no additional provision is required, unless provided commercially in response to the market. P The Caterham facility also has a dual use sports hall used by the adjoining school.

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