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why wont my sound work on my laptop

asus g75vw no sound and sudden no internet connection either wifi or via ethernet cable, other xps laptop works fine
yamaha v673 suddenly has no sound. there are 7 speakers. How to troubleshoot?? Why does the left speaker of my bluetooth earphone suddenly sound much lower than the right one? Laptop suddenly shut down? My 32 LG LED TV has suddenly lost picture! The sound is alright but the screen is pitch black. After switching it on the pict Sir,I Have A Hp 15 R119Tu Laptop.

It was Working nice but suddenly Laptop Does Not sTart When Iam Trying to On Laptop It on And Headphones suddenly don t fit laptop s jack in? Thanks for responding to me. so I tried going into the device manager but I really wasn't sure what I was suppose to do when I got there. The instructions said to check for conflicts and when I opened the device manager it did not tell me there were any conflicts at all. I did see Sound, video and game controllers but it didn't say anything about a conflict or anything like that.

It then asked me to ensure that my drivers are properly installed and that the programs that I have recently installed are not conflicting with the drivers configurations. I have know idea how to check these things, sorry. Also the last things said to check my sound card which I also do not know how to do. The only thing I can give you for more information of what was going on when it happened is that it was working and then I left the computer for a while and no one used it or touched it and when I came back to it the sound had stopped working.

I do have anti-virus on my computer Avast! and it says I do not have any viruses. I did have a bad virus fairly recently where they had to wipe out the entire computer, but the anti-virus has said I have not had any viruses since then. Do you think these things could be related? Thank you again so much for your help!

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