why wont my sound work on my computer

Thanks for responding to me. so I tried going into the device manager but I really wasn't sure what I was suppose to do when I got there. The instructions said to check for conflicts and when I opened the device manager it did not tell me there were any conflicts at all. I did see Sound, video and game controllers but it didn't say anything about a conflict or anything like that. It then asked me to ensure that my drivers are properly installed and that the programs that I have recently installed are not conflicting with the drivers configurations. I have know idea how to check these things, sorry. Also the last things said to check my sound card which I also do not know how to do.

The only thing I can give you for more information of what was going on when it happened is that it was working and then I left the computer for a while and no one used it or touched it and when I came back to it the sound had stopped working. I do have anti-virus on my computer Avast! and it says I do not have any viruses. I did have a bad virus fairly recently where they had to wipe out the entire computer, but the anti-virus has said I have not had any viruses since then. Do you think these things could be related? Thank you again so much for your help!
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Connected TV to cable box via HDMI and get nice picture but no sound. When connect laptop to TV via same HDMI cabl i have samsung TV, but cant connect with my laptop(samsung) but it apparently shows HDMI cable conncted and later shows no sig Can t get sound using hdmi ARC cable connect setup Panasonic home theatre SC-BTT785 to Lg60UH652V smart TV Connecting laptop to TV and to surround sound using HDMI and digital audio cable with some issues I always have my laptop connected to my TV through HDMI. Today, my laptop overheated and shut itself down.

Now I can no longer i have a laptop to tv connected through hdmi which i get the audio fine. i then try to use the mini jack headphone output to VGA port on laptop connected to HDMI cable through converter i ve connected my tv to my pc monitor via an hdmi cable with a hdmi usb adapter to my monitor,but i still can t watch netflix

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