why wont my sanyo tv turn on

I have a Sanyo 50 LCD TV. I mistakenly turned on the PIP and cannot figure out how to turn it off. I don t have the owner s
Murphy TV - Model 32883 ID TV HD LCD Won t switch on. Standby light flashes 10x My 42 hisense lcd flat screen TV comes on until display on screen comes on then it goes off. What do I need to do? Audio won t come out of Vizio Sound bar from a Samsung TV? my Lg phone will turn on but its stick on the lg powered by android thing it wont come all the way own. i took the battery out Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 wont come out of sleep mode Laptop won t come out of sleep mode.

I have a HP 6537b. It went on sleep mode and won t come out. Uzail;. I'll simplify this. 1st, take a GOOD pix with your camera. Upload it (them) to your computer. Save it as a JPEG. Save it to your desktop. Give it a name so you can find it easily. sign up join. They are both FREE to join use. Upload your pix. Select a proper sized pix or enlarge it. Hover your mouse over the pix right click. Select "copy". Come back here paste your pix in your post. I suggest you use imageshack as it is easier. When posting a pix from imageshack. us do this;. Select the pix you want to post from "My Images".

Right click on the image you want to post. A box with several choices will appear. Choose "View Image". When that window opens, right click your mouse anywhere in the pix to get "copy" up in another set of options. Click on "copy". Come back to the box you are posting in, right click "paste" Ta-Da, your pix shouild pop up full sized clear as it was taken. Before you post the pix in the thread, go to the "Preview Post" button at the bottom center where you are making your post click on that one time. Wait for it to load the post. Scroll up check your post pix.

If the pix is too small or too big, go back to imageshack (or photobucket) make the needed adjustments. If you need any further help or info, just post. Also, remove the HOT from the set. Use a solder-wick to unsolder it. If you dont have it, get it as you will need it in the future. sink with a small nut washer. Use a pair of needle nosed pliers to grab hold the nut. Re-check it using ohms. Put one lead on the center pin to either one of the outside pins. Take reading. Also, take a reading from the center HOT pin connection on the chassis to ground. Post info. Later. Ron. M.

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why does my sanyo tv not turn on
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