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why won t god heal amputees forum

"Why Won't God Heal Amputees? "
God never healed anyone. At least it's consistent. Yet millions keep going to places like Lourdes. By the time you've kissed all the idols that millions of other sick people have slobbered over, you'll probably have a really interesting new disease to take your mind of the original problem. I hope St Teresa will watch out for altar boys and save some of them from depression and suicide after they've been raped by the Pope's employees. That really would be a miracle. The Bishops and Archbishops are certainly doing nothing useful. They just move the rapists on to other parishs and try to keep a lid on the scandals.

Cardinal Pell of Australia, now one of the Pope's right-hand men in the Vatican, actually said he had "more important issues to think about" when questioned about this tragegy by reporters. This is the last time I m going to comment on this rubbish and respond to Teo. I m tired of playing your game, and responding to your rubbish which seems is all that you want. Why else would you write what you do except for the fact that you want attention like a misbehaving child. I have no idea where you get or make up your statistics. I don t care. Keep telling strangers all this and I m sure you ll makes loads of new friends.

I seriously doubt that you are a lawyer/prosecutor. Most likely you never were. I picture you as a angry little man portraying himself as somebody more important. Your irrational thoughts suggest you re not too far from UFO sightings and seeing Elvis serving unicorn burgers on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. Your act of quoting my comments out of context and not sounding intelligible perhaps demonstrate your lack of intellectual ability as an Irish national. (sorry, I couldn t help it, I simply must take things out of context. ) But your comments were not taken out of context. And as for you trying to get a dig at me by insulting the entire Irish nation, think again Einstein, I m American born.

What is that old saying. What is worse. a fool? Or one that argues with one. The way I feel now is that I don t see any reason to keep up this conversation. I suggest that one way to get rid of this type of behavior is to simply ignore it. He knows that if he spews mean spirited things that we will respond. I fell into that trap. Don t comment or even delete the post. So Teo, carry on and end up being that crazy nude fella that barks at stones while people shy away and try not to make eye contact. I hope you get yourself sorted.

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