why the second amendment should be repealed

The rest will fall. If we as a nation decide to repeal the 2ND Amendment, then the 1st Amendment falls, the 3rd Amendment falls, the 4th Amendment falls, the fifth Amendment falls and so on and so forth. The world's most notorious dictators throughout history have taken away guns from the citizens and then committed untold atrocities against the citizens, killing thousands upon millions of the citizens. Mao in China, Hitler in Germany, Stalin in Russia, and the list goes on. Who would ever give up their ability to defend themselves? We live in a crazy world and I own a few guns for sport and self defense. I don't know any reason that I should be denied the right to protect myself. I know that there are enough guns in the world that you would never get them all so taking mine would put my family and myself in serious danger. Guns don't kill people. The gun does not kill a human the man holding the gun does. But a gun isn't the only thing that can kill people. People are smart enough now to be able to build a bomb out of house hold items. Even if we do repeal the amendment people will still smuggle guns like they do with drugs. Guns also help protect people. If you have someone threatening to kill someone or even you. Someone with a gun could hurt or kill this person. Not a solution. Take away guns, then knives would become the weapon of choice. Take away knives, then a ball bat would become the weapon of choice. Take away ball bats. My point being is that no matter what is deemed illegal the criminally insane will find a way to inflict harm or death. Remember, simple box cutters were used on 911, killing over 3000 people. I believe that when gun permit is applied for it should include a psychological evaluation along with MANDATORY training in the use firearms.

Some states do not require that when applying for a permit. Just enforce the current laws in place now and get the illegal guns off the streets. My heart goes out to the families of the recent massacre victims but gangland killings of innocents, though the use of illegally acquire guns, far out number these instances. Taking the guns from law-biding citizens won't correct this problem. No way, Jose! We should keep our amendment but obtain stricter gun control. We need to make it harder for people with a psychological depression history to purchase weapons. They should undergo a mental history survey, like taking a loan from the bank. You should be approved based on your mental status. Yet, we can never tell who those people are. No, the government should not repeal the 2nd amendment. If the United States government repealed every amendment because of a group of tragedies we would not have a Constitution to protect the people of America, or our rights. There are more sane, compassionate people in this country who have the right to bear firearms to protect themselves and their families, as the amendment states. Repealing this hurts them more than the mentally ill Americans who go on killing sprees. Absolutely not. Limiting freedom or taking away rights is not the right course to take. Studies have indicated that removing guns from the common people will not stop violence and crimes, only change the details of their nature. Making guns illegal- or at least less legal- isn't really going to help many (if any) people in the long run. No, we should keep the 2nd amendment
The 2nd amendment was written at a fragile time in our nation's beginnings, and was considered an essential right that citizens had in order to defend themselves and our newly formed country.

It is a source of pride to Americans that we have the right to bear arms, that we cannot be subjected to a tyrannical government or invasion without the ability to defend ourselves, and we should retain that as our constitutional right. On the other hand, I don't believe the writers of our Constitution ever envisioned a country in which that very right to bear arms would be used to kill so many of our own citizens without reason. that was clearly not what they had in mind. We need regulations that control guns, and the people who own them, but not our right to have them. No, the second amendment is important The idea behind the second amendment was to make sure that governments could not cripple the people's ability to revolt due to oppression. It is important to legally allow people to arm themselves. However, the extent to which people are allowed to amass weapons, and who gets to amass those weapons should be a point of debate. Arms are good, firearms are bad ARMS ARE GOOD. YOU CAND HOLD STUFF WITH ARMS, AND YOU CAN STRANGLE PEOPLE WITH ARMS. YOU CA NDETONATE BOMBS WITHARMS YOU CAN EwiuhauuhhHLAHGUSGHILHLJEKRHGIU WITH ARMS. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE YES AND DENY ME MY BASIC RIGHT TO ARMS! IF YOU DOI WILL FIND YOU, AND KILL YOU. MWAHHAHH HAA HAAAAA The time has come to repeal the Second Amendment, New York Times columnist Bret Stephens argued Thursday, joining the chorus of liberal voices calling for drastic action on gun control following the Las Vegas massacre. The supposedly conservative-leaning Stephens, who was by the NYT in April to broaden the range of debate appearing in the paper s typically progressive editorial pages, said incremental gun control measures would not be enough.

Americans who claim to be outraged by gun crimes should want to do something more than tinker at the margins of a legal regime that most of the developed world rightly considers nuts, Stephens. They should want to change it fundamentally and permanently. There is only one way to do this: Repeal the Second Amendment, he added. Echoing an from the NYT editorial board, Stephens described the Second Amendment as a relic of a different age that has outlived its usefulness and is now preventing meaningful change to gun laws. He called the idea that an armed citizenry could check a tyrannical government curious, and suggested that Founding Father James Madison would approve of doing away with the right to bear arms. I wonder what Madison would have to say about that today, when more than twice as many Americans perished last year at the hands of their fellows as died in the entire Revolutionary War, Stephens wrote Thursday. My guess: take the guns or at least the presumptive right to them away. The true foundation of American exceptionalism should be our capacity for moral renewal, not our instinct for self-destruction. Stephens initial columns for the NYT suggested he would indeed provide a counterweight to the paper s liberal columnists. His debut effort expressed skepticism of climate change orthodoxy, which. More recently, however, he has aligned with the NYT s standard editorial position on a range of issues, including, and now, gun control. Send tips to. Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact.

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