why the confederate flag should not be banned

It is the topic. The topic of this debate is whether or not the flags of US states should use the Confederate flag in their design, as well as whether or not Confederate flags should fly over memorials and buildings owned or operated either by the US and/or a US state. I believe that the Confederate flag stands for the Southern people, Southern traditions, and Southern culture. The main arguments that people would use against this would be the fact that the kkk and the Neo-Nazis also use this flag. But what most people don't realize is that both of these groups use the American flag, and the kkk uses the Christian flag. Nazi Germany actually outlawed the Confederate flag because Hitler thought it was a symbol of state's rights, and a man from South Carolina was executed for flying the "rebel flag". Well of course! We dont need the flag in a place of open mindedness and education. The flag is a ymbol of oppression for many reminders of slavery and racism. We do not need any more of such bigotry in america we have plenty already. Banning the flag will do a lot of good to the country and its kids
Symbol Has Changed Confederate flags do not mean what they used to mean. Originally a banner for a rebellion who is markedly remembered as promoting slavery, it has degraded into a simple symbol of the American south. Even that symbol has evolved into identifying with a red-neck subculture.

Now it just goes hand-in-hand with mud flaps and camouflage-ware We don't need that flag. We already have a perfectly good one in our classrooms already. If we kept it up then people will start to want that as our flag. And then they will get mad and say the pledge of allegiance to that flag. Students have enough to worry about. We don't need that flag. We already have a perfectly good one in our classrooms already. If we kept it up then people will start to want that as our flag. And then they will get mad and say the pledge of allegiance to that flag. Students have enough to worry about. The Orange County Board of Education just rejected a petition to. The local NAACP chapter made the request after students, parents, and school employees reported the flag appearing increasingly on school grounds, accompanied by racial harassment. Critics say the flag is a symbol of slavery and white supremacy. Others say the flag stands for " " -- and regardless of its symbolism, displaying it is a free speech right. What do you think? After murdered nine black churchgoers in South Carolina, climbed the South Carolina Statehouse and took the flag down. argued that regardless of the intentions of those who display it, the Confederate flag has become a trademark for racism: We can all respect that some people do not view the flag that way.

But the flag has also become inextricably associated with ideologies that most American should find disgusting. Some proponents of the Confederate flag acknowledge its painful symbolism for black Americans, but argue that for them It is obvious that some racists have appropriated and desecrated the Confederate battle flag for their pathetic causes, but those hateful folks also commonly display the Christian cross and the American flag. Should these symbols be seen as racist too? Perceptions of the flag depend upon context. When white supremacist murderers proudly pose with your flag? Maybe it's time to find another symbol of Southern heritage. But even if people are displaying the flag is an intentional symbol of racism, is that enough reason to ban it? In America, people are allowed to hold racist views. Even Nazi-style swastikas are. remember that the ACLU has also defended and fought for neo nazis and the KKK's right to free speech, the confederate flag, etc. -- laura. [? ] (@sugadaddyswag) Displaying the Confederate flag or a swastika on private property is one thing -- but public schools are another. Nearly all cases have upheld such restrictions. because they concluded that there was enough evidence -- based on the schools' or neighboring schools' concrete recent experiences -- that the display of the flag was likely to materially disrupt schoolwork, by exacerbating racial hostilities and thus leading to fights and similar disruptions. argues that condoning the flag in schools and government buildings sends the wrong message.

But symbols -- like words -- carry meanings that stand independently of any individual person's subjective intentions. And in this case, the symbols' meaning is extremely clear -- lawless violence in pursuit of white supremacy is not necessarily wrong and may at times be worthy of celebration. But even some who oppose the symbolism and meaning of the flag argue it should not be banned, and say students have a right to express offensive views. flying a confederate flag shouting "white power" is incredibly disrespectful, but I protect that free speech. -- The Numbers (@PoliticsEcon) The Tylt is focused on debates and conversations around news, current events and pop culture. We provide our community with the opportunity to share their opinions and vote on topics that matter most to them. We actively engage the community and present meaningful data on the debates and conversations as they progress. The Tylt is a place where your opinion counts, literally. The Tylt is an Advance Digital, Inc. property. Join us on Twitter @TheTylt or on Facebook, we'd love to hear what you have to say.

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