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Mosseri deputized product manager Max Eulenstein and user experience researcher Lauren Scissors to oversee the feed quality panel and ask it just those sorts of questions. For instance, Eulenstein used the panel to test the hypothesis that the time a user spends looking at a story in her news feed might be a good indicator that she likes it, even if she didn t actually click like. We speculated that it might be, but you could think of reasons why it wouldn t be, too, Eulenstein tells me. It might be that there are scary or shocking stories that you stare at, but don t want to see. The feed quality panelists ratings allowed Eulenstein and Scissors to not only confirm their hunch, but to examine the subtleties in the correlation, and to begin to quantify it. It s not as simple as, 5 seconds is good, 2 seconds is bad, Eulenstein explains. It has more to do with the amount of time you spend on a story relative to the other stories in your news feed. The research also revealed the need to control for the speed of users Internet connections, which can make it seem like they re spending a long time on a given story when they re actually just waiting for the page to load.

Out of that research emerged, in which the algorithm boosted the rankings of stories that users spent more time viewing in their feeds.
Read our article comments -- when they get nasty, it's always from the same angle: Cracked needs to fire this columnist. This asshole needs to stop writing. Don't make any more videos. It always boils down to " Stop creating. This is different from what I would have made, and the attention you're getting is making me feel bad about myself. " Don't be that person. If you are that person, don't be that person any more. This is what's making people hate you. This is what's making you hate yourself. What are you going to do with it? Hunt witches or kick off the Olympics? So how about this: one year. The end of 2016, that's our deadline.

Or a year from whenever you read this. While other people are telling you "Let's make a New Year's resolution to lose 15 pounds this year! " I'm going to say let's pledge to do fucking anything -- add any skill, any improvement to your human tool set, and get good enough at it to impress people. Don't ask me what -- hell, pick something at random if you don't know. Take a class in karate, or ballroom dancing, or pottery. Learn to bake. Build a birdhouse. Learn massage. Learn a programming language. Film a porno. Adopt a superhero persona and fight crime. Start a YouTube vlog. But the key is, I don't want you to focus on something great that you're going to make happen to you ("I'm going to find a girlfriend, I'm going to make lots of money. "). I want you to purely focus on giving yourself a skill that would make you ever so slightly more interesting and valuable to other people. "Holy shit, by learning Spanish, I just gained the ability to speak to 400 million people I previously couldn't. " "I don't have the money to take a cooking class. " Then fucking Google "how to cook. " They've even filtered out the porn now, it's easier than ever.

Damn it, you have to kill those excuses. Or they will kill you. If you want to make note of your project in or the comments and check in this time next year, knock yourself out. I'll be curious to see if even one person actually does this, but if so we'll look back, not just on whether or not we actually followed through, but why. You have nothing to lose, and the world needs you. Here's a video of a corgi rolling down some stairs. David Wong is the Executive Editor of Cracked. com and a New York Times best-selling author. You probably don't know that at, your local bookstore, or anywhere else books are sold! For more life lessons you should learn right now, check out and. And don't forget to follow us on, and to get sexy, sexy jokes sent straight to your news feed. Are you on Google+?

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