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why students should not wear school uniforms

Uniforms, especially those that have color and style requirements for every part of the outfit, are not easy for many parents to afford. Adults who have elementary aged children in school are especially prone to financial difficulties, as younger students participate in excessive physical play and are not always careful to protect their clothing.

Additionally, young people of all ages change their styles on a regular basis and grow rapidly, resulting in the abandonment of old clothing and requiring the purchase of new accessories.
Parents, kids and even the ACLU have noted that growing children need to learn to express themselves as individuals. Wearing the same thing every day obviously gets boring, and limits an individual's ability to craft a personal and unique style.

Casual clothing can carry messages that uplift, inspire and unite schoolchildren. Schools with strict dress codes and uniforms have gone so far as to disallow small, cartoon images on socks, or certain brand names.

Such restrictive policies leave kids feeling disgruntled and resentful, which takes the focus off learning. In a country that praises freedom of expression and individual liberty, students need to learn how to express their personality, find connections with a social group and make individual choices as they grow into adults.

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