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why we shoot deer in the wild

Wow. I grew up on a farm back in the days when seeing a deer was a rare sight. The few deer that you did see were wilder than hell. I was always cautioned to stay away from them. When I hunted them and actually downed one, out of habit I always re-loaded my rifle and approached it carefully. To make sure it was dead I d take the barrel of my rifle and make the end of it touch the deers eye. If there was any life in it it would not allow me to do that. I never had a deer get up and run off after I had downed it. I ll be honest here.

When I first read your story I could not imagine someone who lived out in the country doing what you tried to do. Then I realized it was a generational difference. You have grown up in an era where there is plenty of deer. You see them often and they are used to seeing you. As tame as they appear to be now, a person in this day and age would think that roping one would be no problem. Back when I was a teen if you saw a deer anytime of the year it was running away from you. You could not feed them because they would smell your scent and avoid the food.

I had no problem believing that one would gore you if you gave them the chance. Harvesting a deer back in my time was a combination of LOTS of luck and skill. I ll never forget how excited I was when I finally got my first one and proud that it only took one shot.
Deer stalking is a sporting pastime, but it is also essential to protect forestry and valuable agricultural crops. Deer breed prolifically and suffer from starvation and disease unless they are culled. To this end, landowners and stalkers usually work in close co-operation with one another to create a plan that balances the welfare of the deer against the damage they can cause if allowed to breed unchecked.

The responsible stalker will know and understand all the laws applicable to the sport and will act with safety as a primary concern. Shooting UK regularly publishes articles from a pool of deer stalking experts covering every aspect of stalking including:, equipment, techniques and finally some dishes. You can read them here with regular updates.

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