why does my hair get frizzy when i brush it

DO NOT comb or brush your hair when its dry. If you do, it almost guarantees that you will have frizz. Only comb/detangle when wet, preferably with a bit of conditioner in it. To get volume you can try using a diffuser attachment on your hair drier when your hair is still pretty damp. Flip your head over and use the diffuser or shake your head to toss your curls while drying. Don t use your fingers or anything to comb or rake through your curls or all the nice curl clumping will get broken up and become frizz. If you prefer to air dry you can use clips at your roots to get some volume like in these examples: http://www. naturallycurly. com/curlreading/curly-hair-care-methods/clip-curls-for-more-volume-less-triangle-headhttp://www. naturallycurly. com/curlreading/hairstyles/clipping-curly-roots-for-volumehttp://www. naturallycurly. com/curlreading/curly-hair-care-methods/wavy-beginners-guide/use-jaw-clips-for-incredible-lift-and-root-curlhttp://www. naturallycurly. com/curltalk/general-discussion-about-curly-hair/128207-clipping-roots-hair. htmlI hope that helps!
The first step in getting your frizzy hair to do what you want it to do is to examine your.

Sometimes, with frizzy hair, less is more: fewer shampoos and processes, less frequent use of heat tools and decreased fussing over it can help reduce flyaways. In other words, the more you play with your hair (blow drying, ironing, scrunching, etc. ), the better chances you ll get frizz. 1. Do Things Differently to Find Out What Works Best Experiment with your, and try doing things differently if your current routine isn t adequately combating your frizzy hair. Do you shower in the morning? Try showering at night so that your hair isn t still damp when you leave for the day. After you get out of the shower, try applying a little more product to your frizzy locks than you normally do. Sample a variety of conditioners and anti-frizz styling products to see which items your hair best responds to. Pro Tip: After applying whatever you select, try wrapping your hair in a clean T-shirt or a towel and wearing it to bed. In the morning, you ll unwrap your package to find smoother locks. 2. Moisturize Your Hair Remember that what your frizzy hair really wants is moisture.

If you don t give it the hydration it needs with moisturizing products and the proper care, your frizzy hair will get its moisture from somewhere else, like the humidity in the air. When this happens, you most likely won t love the results. It's also important to remember to use a hair mask once a week. Most hair mask formulas intensely nourish, revitalize and strengthen hair. We recommend the. 3. Try Long-Term or Short-Term Relaxers To Help Smooth Your Frizzy Hair If you can t live without your flat iron, and use it nearly every time you wash your hair, you might think about having a permanent. Short term smoothers are another option and can last as long as six months. These versatile smoothers offer a variety of options sleek, straight hair to smooth hair with plenty of natural movement to enhanced, smooth curls with lots of shine. If you do opt for these treatments on your frizzy hair, however, be sure to keep your hair in prime condition by using plenty of nourishing masks, hot oil treatments and moisturizing products. For details about these treatments, talk to your stylist or read this helpful Q and A that discusses the various types of. 4.

Hydrating With the Right Products Can Help Restore Frizzy Hair What you put on your hair certainly matters. If you want to smooth frizzy hair, you ll need to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, followed by products specifically designed for this purpose. Purchase salon-grade products; those found in drug stores or supermarkets contain too much alcohol and will dry out your frizzy hair even more. 5. Select the best shampoo for your frizzy hair and don t over wash If you have product buildup on your hair, the first step is to remove it with a. If the buildup is really bad, get a significant haircut. If buildup isn t a problem, just use a gentle shampoo that contains organic moisturizers or oils or a cleansing conditioner. But don t shampoo too often: Shampooing can strip hair of its natural oils, which are great frizz fighters. Lather up frizzy hair two (or three at the most) times per week. For the days in between washings, you can use a dry shampoo or baby powder to help keep oil at a minimum in frizzy hair.

You can also skip the shampoo and just apply conditioner when you re in the shower. 6. Select the best conditioner to moisturize or nourish your frizzy hair The right conditioner can be the best way to put moisture back into your frizzy mane. Use a. Natural oils are better than synthetic because they are absorbed into hair, and protein-infused conditioners will manage frizz and create shine. Synthetic silicon moisturizers, however, can lie on top of the hair, making it look dirty. When conditioning, try both rinse-out conditioners and those that you leave in. For rinse-out conditioners, use them every time you shampoo your frizzy hair (unless it s super fine), then wash them out after 2 to 5 minutes. For leave-in conditioners, just use a small amount and apply as directed. A nourishing conditioner can also be used for touch-ups on frizzy hair throughout the day. Try watering down a little bit of your conditioner and then using your hands to apply it to just the tips of your hair. This can leave your frizzy locks smoother and shinier all day long.

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