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why does my hair flip up at the ends

Your new cut is adorable! A perfect transition for fall! Tip from a random fellow hairdresser: I attended a Pureology styling class recently and had a great recommendation from our instructor. For shine, moisture, and overall repair: Shampoo twice with Purify, once with a regular shampoo of your choice, apply masque for two minutes, rinse and apply a daily conditioner for another two minutes. Of course in being a class sponsored by Pureology, all products were theirs, but I ve tried this on clients and at home with varying brands and as long as you re following the same guidelines, it works amazingly.

It sounds intense to use a mask followed by a regular conditioner, but it just works. Totally rehydrates and leaves your hair blindingly shiny. I d love to hear how that treatment works on your hair!
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