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why do you have to be angry all the time

Faith Hill harrmonizes with Tim on this awesome song! Why is it that the people who post these lyrics never can seem to type nor spell correctly? I mean, seriously. Am I the only one who notices when somebody didn't pass third grade? Great song. Most people who love country music, therefore, love sad songs. This one is up there in terms of its degrees of sadness and regret and all that. I'm pretty sure that Bruce Robinson wrote it. If you like it, you should listen to other Bruce Robinson songs like "Travelin' Soldier," "Wrapped," "End Like That," etc. He's a great singer and songwriter. Tim McGraw does a great job of singing this deep tune. Like Conway Twitty, Tim McGraw seems to be a song's best friend. sometimes i dont know why this old world cant leave well enough alone. i love that line. the song is about the woman. its easier to understand when they sing it live bc they add kinks to it. i think it is a beatuiful song. great song. self explainitory
sometimes i dont know why this old world cant leave well enough alone. i love that line.

I have had this ongoing argument with my husband and my sister. I think the "angry" person is the man. They think it's the woman. I tell them the song says "the spittin image of you when you were young. " "You," meaning the man. So "you", the "angry" one is the man. Right??? this song was originally supposed to be recorded by faith hill. its a great song Written by listed counsellor/psychotherapist:. Registered 28th January, 2015 Why do I feel so angry? I just can't seem to help myself. Do these words sound familiar? Most of us, if not all of us, get angry at some time or another. This is a perfectly normal emotion. We do not choose to become angry, but how we funnel this emotion when it threatens to become all-consuming is quite literally down to us as individuals. We all have choices on how to manage our anger. Anger is not gender specific, it treats us all equally. Anger can manifest itself either verbally or physically Б both can be equally harmful to those we take it out on. We may feel that we are unable to control these outbursts, this simply is not true, we just have to learn how to manage them.

Anger becomes a problem when it interferes with our daily lives, when we spend more time being angry than happy, when we direct our anger at those we love or colleagues at work or the person on the end of the telephone who constantly tells us that our call is important to them. When we have too much angerб it can impact on our overall well-being. It can cause significant physical health issues such as raised blood pressure and cardiac problems. Anger is neither good nor bad Б it is a natural emotion, exactly the same as laughing or crying. Anger is often linked to depression as mood and emotion work side by side. If you are feeling low you are more likely to experience sadness and anger. This can impact on the way you communicate to others, especially those closest to you. You may also recognise that you becoming more judgemental and have feelings of exhaustion. Your anger may be triggered by recent major events in your life such as retirement, health or financial changes.

You may find yourself at a loss now that you no longer have a routine, no matter how much you thought you hated that routine at the time. You may find yourself with your partner 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is not an easy adjustment to make and can provoke feelings of anger and resentment. There are many ways in which anger can be managed: there are self-help books, antidepressants and therapy. All of these can play a huge part in understanding the triggers for your anger and how to manage it more effectively. The biggest step you need to take is to admit that there is a problem and that you want to do something positive to address this. I am finishing this article with one of my favourite quotes. БAnyone can become angry Б that is easy Б but to be angry with the right person to the right degree at the right time for the right purpose and in the right way Б that is not within everybodyБs power and that is not easy. Б - Aristotle

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