you know what they say about big feet jokes

I only shoe shop about once every 5 years or so. Yes yes I know that sounds creepy as if my shoe shopping is an occurrence on par with the appearance of Castle Dracula but I really really really hate having to buy shoes. I have a 16EEE foot. Unless your foot is this large or larger you have no idea how aggravating it is to have to buy shoes. There is no question that when it comes to footwear women have the advantage and a large foot man like me has it even worse than most men. Unlike the vast majority of women I just can't walk into any random shoe shop and find my size as part of the buy one get one free or half off sale. And unlike most men I'm not just going to walk into a store and pick up a pair for $30 either. For the last 10 years or so I have only found one store where I can just walk in and buy a pair of shoes and that is Casual Male XL and even then I'm staring down the barrel of at least $55 a pair. I'm sure its nice to not have to order shoes off the internet but I'll never know. Transition. Did I mention that I'm a guy with large feet? (Now I know that women with large feet have similar baggage in the shoe department but it does not compare to what I'm about to go into next. )
As far as dealing with guys are concerned the most they do is make a few Bigfoot jokes and maybe say that I can put out fires with my feet.

But oh my goodness in my experience when it comes to a man with large feet women are the absolute worst. True story. This past Friday (or maybe Thursday) morning I had to go over to another department to setup a printer for someone. Well while I'm working on the printer in her office two of her coworkers from her department come in and begin chatting about shoes. I knew where it was going to go and sure enough it did. Okay all three of these women have fairly small feet so they were shocked when I told them I wore a 16 (they guessed 14) and then the real fun began. Two of them just had to confirm by placing their feet right next to mine (yeah they were all up in my personal space) and then it really jumped off when one of them mentioned that she wears an 8. Despite the fact that the calculation for shoe size is different for men and women they are marveled by my foot being twice as long as hers. Oh and they were grinning throughout this entire ordeal. I played it off, finished the install and got the hell out of there. And believe me that is not the first time I've had that happen. You would not believe how many times I've had women just come up to me and place their foot beside mine and comment on how one of my feet is almost the same length as both of theirs.

Oh and they do this while making general commentary about how large my feet are. But the real kicker is one that I have gotten from more women than I care to count and it usually comes in some form of: "A size 16? Wow. I'd hate to be your girlfriend. " (All the while smiling a smile that the Cheshire Cat would be jealous of. ) Yes there are lots of women out there that think there is a relation between foot size and penis size (and from there penis size to sexual performance). For years I just joked about it and let it roll off my back but I think that is not cutting it anymore. I've got to find some sort of way to deal with this. I have to find a way to put an end to this and let women know that it is not alright to just invade my space by placing their feet next to mine (and sometimes leaning into me to keep balance) and that it is certainly not okay to try to draw some link between my foot size, penis size, and how I perform sexually. More than likely this has to do with the belief that men need to have their egos pumped up at all times when it comes to sex and they that they complimenting me when they make such remarks. They aren't. So while I think about how deal with this in my own interactions a word of advice to women.

Presuming that it is okay to get close to a guy with large feet to compare is not okay. Going on about how his foot is so much larger than yours is not okay. And implying that having big feet means having a large penis and that he might hurt any women he has sex with is not a compliment. And by all that is holy please do not grab your crotch, contort your face, and wince a few times in mock pain as you comment on much sex with him would hurt (yes I've had women do this to me). Of course seeing this blog, I had to stop and read it. It was quite interesting and I'm glad you weren't too bashful to blog about it. I've always seen this myth as false. As I played sports in high school and have been in a few a locker rooms. I'm not saying I was looking but when one is tying one's shoes and someone walks by free hanging it's not really ones choice. With that minimal knowledge I would have to disagree with said myth. However, this had me wondering about the stereotypes with different races. Now, I'm not going to state them here, but I think we've all heard them. this study connected with this html indicates there is strong relationship. This may not be well received by some people

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