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why does my screen zoom when i scroll

Sometimes I think I must have an alter ego who is intent on screwing up my life because I get on my computer and suddenly its doing weird stuff I never wanted it to do. Here lately, a lot of times when I just want to scroll down the page, it ends up zooming into letters so small I can t read, or conversely too large. How is this happening and how can I stop it other than handcuff myself if I m doing it in my sleep and sabotaging myself.

Okay, I don t really think I m doing that but sometimes it seems that way. Right now the print on my screen is miniscule. I want control of my computer back help please
Dont know where from this problem comes. but we can have an alternative solution to that. Depending on the drivers for your mouse, you could set ctrl-scroll as a "shortcut" to actually do nothing - essentially capturing the combination and throwing it away.

Some drivers will even let you specify this for only within a certain application, at which point you'd specify chrome. OR Using Logitech Performance Mouse MX. Downloaded AutoHotKey software In the AutoHotkey. ahk file, added these to do nothing for Cntrl+MouseWheelScrolling ^WheelDown::return ^WheelUp::return Also if this doesn't work, please provide some more information about your hardware please.

UPDATE - The solution It looks like the zooming issue is related to mouse scrolling freeware. I took a look at a tool I run called "WizMouse. " The purpose of these tools is to allow scrolling windows without focusing on them. Settings can be changed in these to fix the problem. KatMouse (per nsx82): Add class: Chrome_WidgetWin_1, and under the settings tick option: "Window has scrolling wheel support? " (try checked first)

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