why does god allow suffering in the world

The agnostic philosopher David Hume claimed that tragedies in the world such as the tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma last week constitute
prima facie evidence that God is either evil, impotent, or non-existent. Admittedly, reconciling the reality of suffering with faith in a loving, all-powerful God is difficult. The late rector John Stott claimed that the existence of suffering in the world posed the single greatest challenge to the Christian faith. When Lee Strobel was preparing to write his best-selling book Б,Б he conducted a nationwide survey asking, БIf you could ask God anything what would you ask? Б The top response was, БWhy is the suffering and evil in the world? Б More On This. As a pastor for more than 30 years, I realize that when people pose that question they are not as concerned with suffering in the world in general as they are with the reality of suffering in their own lives. If there is a God, why would He allow this unwanted divorce, undeserved termination from a job, or unexpected illness? One night my wife and I were traveling on an interstate highway in the middle of West Texas in a driving rainstorm when our headlights went out due to an electrical malfunction in our car. We could not see two inches in front of us, but we were hesitant to pull over to the shoulder of the road for fear of being hit by another car.

Thankfully, we spotted an eighteen-wheeler in our rear-view mirror. We allowed it to pass us, and then we simply zeroed in on its taillights and followed it safely into the city limits of our town. Although there is no pat answer to the question, БWhy does God allow suffering in the world? Б the Bible does offer three truths (or БlightsБ) we can depend on to lead us safely through the storms of adversity that unexpectedly blow into our lives. God is loving. The psalmist declared, БThe earth is full of your lovingkindness, O LordБ (Psalm 119:64). Even apart from the Bible, the world is filled with the evidence of a benevolent Creator. Yes, occasionally floods and tornadoes bring indescribable heartache and even death. But such disasters are the exception rather than the rule. Most of the time rivers stay within their banks and winds are held in check. The outpouring of help by first responders and the financial support for those whose lives are destroyed by the occasional disaster are a reflection of the goodness of God in whose image we are made. God is all-powerful. Again, the psalmist claims that God is in control of all His creation (Psalm 103:19). Some people find this truth troubling. If God has the ability to prevent natural disasters and human tragedy, why doesnБt He?

In an attempt to acquit God of responsibility for evil in the world, a growing number of people think of God as a loving but impotent old man who would like to help us, but is incapable of doing so. But do you find any comfort in the belief that you are simply a victim of random events and people? Fortunately, the Bible assures us that there is a God who is in control of everything that happens in our lives. GodБs ways are beyond our understanding. One of the most famous analogies about GodБs purpose in suffering is that of a bear caught in a trap in the woods. The hunter, wanting to help the bear, approaches him, but the bear wonБt allow it. The hunter, determined to help, shoots a dart full of drugs into the bear. The bear is now convinced that the hunter wants to hurt him. The drugged animal, now semi-conscious, watches as the hunter actually pushes the bearБs paw further into the jaws of the trap in order to release the tension. The bear has all the evidence it needs to conclude the hunter is evil. But the bear has made its judgment too soon, before the hunter frees him from the trap. At some point God will seem unfair to those of us trapped in time, but we make our judgment too soon. One day, perhaps not until heaven, we will understand what the Hunter was up to in our lives.

Until that time, God says БTrust me. I have a plan IБm working out in your life, even though in the darkness of the storm you cannot see what that plan is. Б Dr. Robert Jeffress is a Fox News Contributor and pastor of the 11,000-member First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. His daily radio program "Pathway to Victory" is heard on 760 stations nationwide. He is the author of 20 books including, ". " So this video topic has been on my heart for a little while due to all the natural disasters such as the Hurricanes and Earthquakes all over the world. I felt it was very important to address this because many people are wondering why God? Why did you allow this? Where are you? Maybe its a hurricane or earthquake in your personal life and your world was shaken. I encourage you to watch the whole video and let the Lord minister to your heart. I also want to add that although somethings are caused by God, others are caused by humans evil hearts and God allows it, its not Gods will, but he will use it for your Good, that is his promise for those who love him. God Bless, I love you and Im praying for you! If you would like to get more information on what I m saying or anything else please reach out o r c u y g i. o

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