why does my gfci breaker keep tripping

Your understanding of outdoor circuits is wrong. A fan or light or something on the side of a house is not necessarily an outdoor circuit. It would depend on where the wires ran. Further, it is not correct that all outdoor circuits have to be GFCI protected. Outdoor receptacles must be GFCI protected, as do wires that run underground less than a certain depth, but to say that outdoor circuits just be GFCI protected is an incorrect statement.

Unless your bathroom fan specifically calls for GFCI protection, it too does not need to be GFCI protected. Replace the GFCI breaker with a regular breaker. Install a GFCI receptacle in the bathroom, with no downstream protection. As for what someone might say when you sell the place, don t worry about that. If necessary you can always install a GFCI receptacle in the garage when you sell the place.

If the refrigerator blocks the duplex receptacle then leave it alone. If the refrigerator does not block the duplex receptacle and the unused half is easily used, then replace it with a simplex receptacle.
I have a two wire system and after installing GFCI outlet in kitchen I realized there is a problem with some type of inconsistancy causing the GFCI to trip as soon as power is sent to it.

Thinking the problem was in an older GFCI outlet I attemped to reuse I purchased and installed a GFCI breaker. Same problem. I'm thinking there is possibly a shared ground in the wiring as the kitchen, dining room and basement lights are all on this breaker. In previous testing while installing a new light I noticed some low voltage current coming through even when the switch was off.

Is it possible to get a GFCI to work under these circumstances? There is one outlet downstream from the GFIC outlet. I installed a new conventional outlet in place of the GFCI after installing the GFCI breaker. Everything appeared to work fine with a 20 amp breaker and no GFCI outlet installed.

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