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why does my iphone speaker not work

Restoring iPhone to fix iPhone 6 speaker not working issue should be your last resort. Also, you must make sure to
before restoring it as it results in data loss. Follow the steps below to restore iPhone and solve the iPhone speaker not working issue. Install the lastest iTunes on your computer. Now connect the iPhone using a USB cable and select your connected iPhone on the iTunes interface and click on БSummaryБ. Finally, click on БRestore iPhoneБ at iTunes interface. Click on БRestoreБ on the pop-up message again and wait for the process to get over to see that iPhone speaker not working issue is resolved. Once the process is finished, you may now disconnect it from the PC and turn it on to check if the sound is playing from its speaker. The iPhone 6/6s Plus users have started facing a strange issue of a speaker not working while they call anyone. The opposite party can hear their voice, but the user isn t able to listen to anything in return.

Besides, things work smoothly when a user turns on the loudspeaker. After digging a little deep into the matter, we have finally arrived with few fixes that will work. In the case of a hardware problem, the only solution would be to get your speaker replaced from Apple. Without wasting your precious time, let s jump to the fixes. How to Fix iPhone 6/6s Plus Speaker Not Working Issue #1. Basic Troubleshooting Before running to a panic state, let s check the basic stuff first. Make sure you haven t turned on the silent mode on your iPhone 6. For that, check the switch above volume control buttons, if it is showing the red mark, then it means Silent mode is on. Another thing to check is that if the volume is at adequate levels. Keep the + volume button on your iPhone 6 to take it to max levels. Now try making a call and see if you can hear. #2. Check if Your iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode Getting your iPhone stuck in headphone mode is a very frequent issue most of the users face.

At the same time, resolving it is also quite easy. We have already published a detailed, you can refer it. This is one of the reasons why you aren t able to hear anything. #3. Check if Your iPhone Sound is Not Transmitted to Other Apple Devices Anytime when you pair your iPhone with Bluetooth speakers or use AirPlay on other Apple devices, it will automatically reconnect as soon as you are in range. Now, you might have forgotten this and struggling to get the voice on your speakers. So make sure it isn t paired with any other device to play sound. #4. Check for iOS Update Every bug is resolved in the following update. If you are using an earlier version of iOS and also, if your device has received a new update, it s better to download and install it. There are pretty good chances that Apple should already address the issue. If none of the fixes have helped you until now, then things will get little frustrating from here on. #5.

Restoring Your iPhone from a Backup If you have started facing this speaker problem recently, then there could be some kind of a software glitch. Try restoring your iPhone from an earlier backup, when things were working perfectly fine. Even if this hasn t resolved the issue, then I am afraid that you have limited options left. #6. Setup your iPhone as New This is one thing that every iPhone user hates to do it. But it is also needed to make sure there are no software glitches. Reset and setup your device as new. But before doing that, make sure you take a fresh backup, so if things aren t resolved, you at least won t lose the data. #7. Life Savior Apple Support If none of the above fixes have resulted, then your last hope remainedPis to get the Apple Support at the Genius bar. Did any of the fix help you resolve the issue? If yes, which one? Share it with fellow readers to help them with the issue by commenting below or on, and.

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