why does my garage door open by itself

There are few things worse than losing the peace of mind and secure feeling of having a functional garage door opener. Having your garage door open when no one is home can be a huge security risk, and messing with buttons and wiring can be frustrating, especially if the opener still malfunctions after your best attempt to fix it. Garage door openers, especially old ones, can be triggered by a number of things. Some people think it s from their neighbor s garage door opener. This is true only in rare cases, though.

Here is what may be causing the problem and how you might be able to solve it. One common cause comes from doors manufactured before 1993. These doors have a
that act as a safety mechanism. This can get misaligned though the two sensors can get out of align, the beam cut off, and the system interprets this as an object in the way of the door closing. This can cause it to reopen. This can be fixed by realigning the beams. If you check the wall panel by your homeБs entrance, you may see an indicator light thatБs blinking.

YouБll know this is fixed if that light stops blinking. During snowstorms, you may get snow or ice buildup along the doorБs threshold. If your door has a sensitive mechanical system, this buildup could cause the door to reverse and open on its own. Has there been a thunderstorm, windstorm, or something else that triggered an electrical surge? These can damage the transmitterБs electrical wiring and cause the garage door opener to open at random times. If a lightning storm has damaged the electrical circuits, you ll likely need the assistance of a professional.

I purchased earlier this year a LiftMaster Premium Series Garage Door Opener and approximately 2 weeks ago I was upstairs in my bedroom and could hear my garage open. I called the company that put it in and was able to get them to come check it out. Tech said it needed a new wire and he changed it out. I happen to have the same issue again and called and the Tech came and changed out the mother board after clearing out my hand held openers that I never use as well as my auto button.

Two nights ago just after midnight the garage door was going up down as not all the way down but half way down then back up as if someone was playing with an opener. I live alone so there is noone else around and this frightens me. Now I release my garage and lock it at night and when I am away. It is inconvenient and the app that I have to show when my garage is up or down I do not feel comfortable with. This is a LiftMaster MyQ. I would like an answer.

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