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why do you get your wisdom teeth removed

When Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed? When Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Out? Wisdom teeth removal is a very common dental procedure, and the likelihood is that you probably have some friends or family that have already had to have theirs taken out by their dentist. If you still have your wisdom teeth, you re probably wondering if you should get yours removed too, and when the best time would be to get that done. While the best time to get your wisdom teeth removed can vary, it will usually be around the time that your wisdom teeth finish developing around the age of 17 to 25 that your dentist will suggest getting them removed. Why Do You Need To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? Not everyone needs to get their wisdom teeth removed, but it is a very common procedure since more often than not, it will benefit the overall oral health of the patient. Your wisdom teeth are the 3rd molar in the very back of your mouth, and are the last teeth to come in among your adult teeth. When the wisdom teeth finish developing, there can be a variety of problems problems since the rest of your mouth has already finished developing, leaving little to no space for the wisdom teeth. As a result, wisdom teeth erupt at strange angles, or sometimes don t even erupt completely. What Happens When A Wisdom Tooth Becomes Impacted? A wisdom tooth becomes impacted when it does not burst through the gums completely, often times because there s not enough room in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to properly fit. Usually, the wisdom teeth end up pushing against other teeth, causing them to move and become crowded, as well as causing general pain and discomfort.

Also, if the wisdom teeth does not erupt fully, the area of the gums is more susceptible to bacteria and infection, which can lead to more serious oral problems and issues with the rest of your body. How Do I Get My Wisdom Teeth Out? The first step is to schedule an appointment with your local dentist for a consultation, so they can do an examination of your wisdom teeth and see if they are, or may become, impacted. If your dentist determines that you should get your wisdom teeth removed, they will work with you to schedule an appointment time for your procedure. Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure, and anesthesia will be used, so you will need to bring a friend or family member that can give you a ride to and from the appointment. There is a short recovery time as well, but soon you will have a healthier smile! Contact Meadows Dental Care Today! If you have any questions about wisdom teeth or think that you may need yours removed, just contact us at Meadows Dental Care to schedule an appointment. Creating healthy smiles is what we do best, and we are proud to offer our professional dental services to the families of Palatine, IL and the surrounding areas. Our dentists and dental staff look forward to meeting you at your appointment, and providing you with the quality dental care that you deserve.
How Long Will My Face Be Swollen After Wisdom Teeth Removal? Wisdom teeth extraction is a relatively straight-forward procedure. However, it does requires a significant amount of manipulation to your cheeks, jaws and gums during the surgery.

Your body's natural healing process can also affect your cheeks and gums several days after your wisdom teeth are removed. Because of this, some people experience swelling after their operation. On top of being uncomfortable, facial swelling can take a toll on your self-confidence. This swelling can change the entire appearance of your face, making it hard for you to resume normal activities. Fortunately, this unpleasant swelling won't last forever. And there are steps you can take to reduce swelling and prevent it in the first place. How Long Will It Take To Heal From Wisdom Teeth Removal? Your body will start the healing process during the first four to five days after your surgery. In this time, your swelling will likely be the most noticable. This is because your body is adjusting to the surgical trauma, fighting off infection and managing pain in the mouth. You should take off three to four days of usual activities to allow time for your body to rest and swelling to subside. Depending on your age and your medical history, total healing time can vary. If you don't experience additional problems (like dry socket, side effects to medications, or an infection), total healing time will be about one week. At this time, your swelling should be mostly, if not completely, subsided. How Can I Reduce Prevent Swelling? If you want to reduce facial swelling or prevent it altogether, follow your doctor's instructions exactly. Swelling creates pressure on the nerve endings in your mouth.

This causes additional pain and discomfort, so the sooner you can get the swelling to go down, the better. The easiest way to prevent and reduce swelling after wisdom teeth surgery is to keep a covered bag of ice on both sides of your jaw. Ice to your face, helping existing swelling go down and preventing further swelling. It's important to apply ice as soon as possible, as swelling is most likely to occur during the first five days after your surgery. You should also be careful to not press ice directly against skin. Instead, use insulated ice packs or wash cloths to protect your skin. Other treatments your doctor may suggest to reduce swelling include neck and jaw exercises, salt water rinses to keep the surgical areas moist, and certain medications. All of these are effective. However, you should aim to use cold compresses as much as possible. Your goal should to prevent dry socket and infection, and use pain killers for the shortest time period possible. How Long Is Too Long? If your face is still swollen by your follow-up appointment в approximately two weeks after your procedure в let your surgeon know. Although swelling is a common side effect of wisdom teeth removal, it could also be a symptom of infection or other complications. Inform your doctor if you experience extreme pain after a week has passed. Know what to expect during every step of your wisdom teeth removal. Our FREE Wisdom Teeth Removal Timeline will help you know when you can start eating regular foods again, when to resume normal activities and other helpful tips.

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