why does my garage door not close all the way

Worn Gear, Binding Tracks
If you hear a grinding sound when you operate the controls but the door doesn't move, the gear inside the opener is worn out. You can replace this yourself, but you'll have to consult the manual for your model to do it properly. Before working on the opener, release the emergency catch and lower the door, then disconnect the power. If you can't find any other reason that the door won't close, check the alignment of the side tracks. One of them may be slanted toward the door and binding it. There should be 1/2 to 3/4 inch of clearance between each side of the door and the track.

Adjust the clips with a wrench or screwdriver. by filed under. If you discovered today s article, it is likelyPyou are looking for information on why your garage door does not close all the way. There are many times when you can troubleshoot these problems. However, in some instances, it is a good idea to contact a professional. That said, if you can identify the problem, you will have a better idea if you can accomplish the task yourself or if you will need an expert to help you. 1. Something Is Blocking the Door With automaticPgarage doors, there is a sensor that prevents the door from crushing any object in its path.

It may come across as a little condescending to suggest, but you would be surprised how many times an obstruction is causing a garage door not to close. 2. Check the PhotoPEye Sensor If your garage door opens correctly, but does not close at all, it may be an issue with the photo eye sensors being out of alignment. PThese sensors are designed so that if something crosses the path, the door will open. It is intended to prevent the doors from closing on a person. 3.

The Garage Floor Is Damaged If you discover that the garage door closes, but it is uneven with a gap on one side, your garage floor may be cracked, shifted, or otherwise damaged. Short of revealing your garage floor, the garage door must be readjusted to ensure it closes properly. 4. ImproperPSetting of Garage Door Limit This is a more common issue with new installations, but also sometimes occurs with older ones that need a reset. PThe limit setting tells the garage door how far it should travel before reaching the floor.

YourPowner s manual can provide instructionsPon how to correct this problem. 5. P The Alignment of the Tracks is Off There may be a problem where the side tracks shifted or became bent. This can become a serious issue. A garage door professional will have the knowledge and tools to realignPthe tracks or installPnew ones if needed. Do you still have questions? What haven t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about why your garage door does not close all the way, or a related topic, pleaseP.

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