why does my garage door bounce back up

1. One thing to check first is to make sure that it is not you garage door itself
a. Check the tracks that your garage door rolls along - make sure that there is not any damage b. Check the garage door for damage - ie. car backed into it c. **TEST** make sure that the door is in the closed position and disconnect it from the chain/track/ or screw drive - move the door into the half way position and let go 2. if your garage door openner has the light sensors that are mounted on either side of the garage door do the following a. check and make sure that there are not any obstructions between the devices b. make sure that the sensors are aligned - some have indicator lights on top - red if not aligned and green if they are c. check wiring and make sure that they are connected properly and there are not any breaks in the line 3. if your garage door openner does utilize the pressure sensor check your manual for proper tesion adjustment instructions Hi Marie. the 1/3 hp Stanleys of older vintage have 2 adjustment screws on the side of the unit.

One is sensitivity and one is the travel adjustment.

Look for two small pencil size holes on the side of the motor housing. It sounds like your door is traveling far enough but the set point needs adjustment. You will see an arrow pointing in the + direction. You will also see a - at the other end of the arrow. You need to get a ladder and small screw driver. Turn the sensitivity adjustment screw in 1/4 increments in the + direction then try closing the door each 1/4 adjustment.

When the door stays down. stop. This screw prevents the door from closing with too much force and possibly injuring a child or infant. It can however be set too sensitive and I believe this is your problem. Once the door stays down place a object under the doorway and close the door, when the garage door hits the object it should reverse letting you know you have the correct adjustment to keep the door from injuring a child.

If the door does not reverse then back off the sensitivity about an 1/8 of a turn in the - direction. Then retest. You may also have to tinker with the travel adjustment but I betting the sensitivity will do the trick. One bit of heads up advice. if you cycle the door too many times in a short period the thermal overload will shut the motor off. You will need to wait approx. 10 minutes for it to cool down and reset itself.

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