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why does my intex pool pump keep shutting off

One of the most common causes of a pump tripping is incorrect voltages. The pump requires a motor to function, and that motor requires electricity. Most pool pump motors are designed to run off. If your pool was recently installed or if your pump was recently replaced, it. This scenario is the most likely if your pump consistently trips just five to ten seconds after turning on.

A bad capacitor may also be to blame. Capacitors regulate the amount of electricity the pump receives and can go bad with age. Loose wires can also reduce the amount of voltage into the pump. Have a licensed electrician inspect the pump immediately, especially if you are unfamiliar with pool pump wiring.
Seems like you may not have the pump and the salt chlorinator in sync.

If your water is dark green and not a big pool, you may want to drain and refill, if you have a large pool, you may want to shock and then try the following. 1. Make sure you have added the correct amount of salt. 2. Set your timer for your pump for 12 hrs. 3. Wait 15 minutes and then turn on your intex salt water system. 4. Set you hrs of operation on your salt water system for 10 to 11 hrs. 5.

After running the system for 3 days, check your chlorine level. If water clears and chlorine level is high, adjust the time. You will have to re-sync the pump and chlorinator. If the pump turns off before the chlorinator finishes it's cycle, you will get a "LOW FLOW" alarm. I hope this helps and good luck. Please rate and comment on the information provided.

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