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why does my internet only work in safe mode

Hi Nawnit,
What happens when you try to access Internet in normal mode on the computer? Do you receive any error message? Did you make any changes to the computer prior to this issue? This issue could be due to changes in the TCP/IP settings for the Internet connection. Let's try to reset the eset TCP/IP and WINSOCK using Command Prompt(admin mode). a) Type "cmd" on the Start screen. Right Click on Command Prompt and select "Run as administrator". netsh int ip reset log. txt c) Restart the computer. Hope it helps. Please reply to us the status of this issue. We will be happy to help you further.

It would suggest, that if you are connecting to the internet via a modem solution. Be it of the ADSL or fiber optic cable type. That the problem may be with the settings of the router. Pull up a dos command window by clicking on search and typing cmd. Right click on the search result shown for CMD and select run as admin. Type in the dos, command window. Ipconfig /all. Check to see if the router has assigned the network adapter the correct ip address for the network running via the router. The subnet address is also in the correct range and value for the network.

And that the Gateway IP is also correct, along with the two Dns server addresses your network adapter should be set to via the connected router/ gateway you have. And it states Dhcp is enabled. Along with a IP 4, or IP6 state. Log into your router. Check the hardware firewall status of the router, if set to high, set it to medium. Check that Dhcp mode is enabled in the router, and the Upnp option also. Look at your internet connection in windows. If you get any sort of error to do with unidentified network. It is because windows has not been configured for the type of network you are running.

The option on the type of network location should be set as Home,Work, or Public For internet options check/ internet properties. Click on the security tab and set the internet values to medium-high. Click on the privacy tab set it to medium-high via the slider. Click on the connections tab. The the Lan settings tab. Check to see if the automatically detect settings check box is ticked. Any changes you make in windows and click on apply or ok. You need to restart the system for them to take effect.

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