why does my freezer have condensation on the outside

Moisture on the outside of the refrigerator is a result of condensation. The cool air from the fridge draws moisture out of nearby warmer air, and it collects on the surface of the door. Condensation may be caused by opening the refrigerator or freezer door too frequently, damaged or worn seals around the door that are leaking cold air, or because the temperature is set to be too cold.

It is normal for there to be a small amount of condensation when the weather is hot and humid. Condensation also may be caused by the energy saver feature. Turning this feature off may reduce condensation.
I had this problem once in South Carolina with a chest freezer and was never able to stop it.

Our appliance guy sold us a new one and took the old one away to use in his shop. A week or so later he called me as he had the same problem. He took the unit apart and found that the insulation between the inner and outter walls had come loose.

You could see where it was bonded with a glue or something to both the outter and inner walls, but the glue had just let go. The insulation was just flopping around inside. So the cold was seeping to the outter metal skin of the unit.

The warm moist air of the house met it and water condensated out of the air in the form of sweat. That was my problem. Your could be that, or a seal leak, or some thing like that. Any where, where cold air meet warm moist air you will see this develop. Later,

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