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why does my internet keep dropping out bigpond

Hi shahbsus,
Sorry to hear you are still experiencing difficulties with your service. Our technical support team, who can be contacted on 133 933, are available 24/7. These guys are the first people you will speak to if you are having technical issues with your internet. If they are unable to resolve your issue while on the call they will escalate it to a Level 2 support member. The Level 2 team don't work 24/7 so if they have closed for the evening then your issue will be placed into a queue for further investigation and a Level 2 support member should be in contact with you within 24-48 hours. In regards to internet drop outs, there are many different reasons as to why this is happening and sometimes there may be multiple factors acting on your service which is causing the drop outs.

There are also several different ways of connecting to the internet (different technology types) such as ADSL, Cable, NBN and the mobile network, to name a few, and the troubleshooting will be slightly different for each type of connection. In the above thread most of these posts are discussing a Cable connection, however it sounds like your connection type is ADSL, because you've mentioned the need to perform a line isolation test. Tech Support is often a process of elimination and each suggested solution or action (like replacing the modem or checking the WiFi) is effectively an experiment, and like any experiment the results need to be analysed.

In some cases the issue will be resolved in the first or second step (as you can see above where one post has been marked as resolved). If the drop outs are still occurring after that then we then move on to the next suggestion. We need to eliminate all of the obvious causes before we go looking for the difficult ones which is what we are doing in this thread. However, due to the complexity of the issue, if the generic troubleshooting provided in this thread is not helping then you will need to speak with our technical support team. This team will be able to access your account, run specific tests on your service and send out a field technician, if necessary, in order get your issue resolved.

My advice for you would be to call again, if the new modem hasn't stopped your drop outs then the next step would be to send out a field tech to check your line. Hi Deviantts, Are all your devices connecting over WiFi? If you are using WiFi enabled devices to connect to your modem, I would suggest having a look at the following WiFi troubleshooting article, which you may find resolves your issue. It contains tips, an online tool and a downloadable app which can help in optimising your connection. I usually find that changing the channel the modem transmits the WiFi signal on can help. You may have to try a few different channels before finding an optimal one. How To Troubleshoot NBN Issues

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