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why does my dog pee so much at night

Put your dog in a crate at night. Some dogs may find it hard to sleep without waking up their owner. This is especially true of high energy dogs that are not crated at night. A solution to this is keeping your dog in a create at night. By putting your dog in a crate, youБll send your dog the signal that night time is sleep time, and youБll also remove their ability to run around or disturb your sleep. Housing your dog in a crate at night will prevent them from jumping on you and licking you awake in the morning. Make sure that the crate is big enough for your dog. Dogs 0-15 pounds should have small crates, dogs 16 to 35 pounds should have medium rates, dogs 36 to 65 pounds should have large crates, and dogs over 65 pounds should have extra-large crates.
If he doesn t continue the whining, I would definitely ignore it.

He might just be testing to see if you ll let him out when you start. Reggie is an 80 pound dog so I know he can hold his pee, though. I don t know what the situation is for small dogs. In terms of eating and exercise habits, here s our routine: Walk right away in the morning when he comes out of the crate for 15-45min (sometime between 6:30am and 9am), eating 1. 5 cups of food right after, walk again about 8 hours later (between 4-5 pm), 1. 5 cups of food right after.

If he chugs a lot of water in the day, he ll bark to be let outside and we let him. We let him out again after dinner because he ll have had some water by then. We give him a cookie when he goes into his crate around 10pm. Depending on his mood, he might give us a groan or bark to tell us he s annoyed. He s a very human-oriented dog so he gets sad to not be near us, but he s just fine in his crate. We ignore his noises or tell him to be shush until the morning. However one time we went to doggy training class in the evening and he ate a ton of hotdogs.

He cried a couple times at night and I caved at 5am because it was unusual. Poor guy was really thirsty cause of all the hotdog! The moral of that story is to follow your own rules but adjust according to your instincts. If he does have an accident, don t freak out. Just grab him and let him go outside to finish his business. Clean up using one of those disinfectants for animal urine or whatever, because pets are more likely to have an accident in the same place. If he does have an accident, you ll need to readjust your feeding/water habits because it suggests he really cannot hold it.

Another thought: does he sleep on your bed? Is your door closed? If he s clawing at your door to leave, I would reconsider crate training. I know it seems crazy or sort of cruel, but I promise that it really helps to have physical boundaries so your dog knows where to be. Never force your dog in the crate and reward with lots of treats and praise. If you hate this idea, maybe leave a leash on him so that you can stop him from moving around. Just encourage him to stay in one place and ignore his noises, if that s the strategy you re sticking to. Hope this helps!

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