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why does my internet freeze up all the time

If IE is causing the whole OS to freeze, then let's try and revert IE to it's default. By the way, in the Task Manager you say the CPU goes to 100%, but which process is it that is causing it to do so. If you look under the Process tab of the Task Manager and then the CPU column, which one is at 100%? If you don't have a cpu column, goto View, Select Columns, and select CPU Usage. If it is IE, then restore IE to it's defaults. Does IE attempt to connect to the internet as soon as you open IE up? If so, you need to stop it doing so before opening IE, otherwise it may freeze as soon as you double click IE. Goto Control Panel Network Internet connections, then Internet Options. Under the General tab, Home Page, click the ''Use Blank'' button. This will stop your home page from loading if you're on a broadband, always on connection. Then under the Connections tab, make sure the ''Never dial a connection'' option is selected. This is for dial-up users, but is also a good security measure to prevent rogue dialers from connecting if ever you download one unknown to you. Click Apply. Then go through each tab, and wherever you see a ''Default'' button, click it. Click Apply finally. Then back to the General tab, and click the ''Settings'' button under ''Temporary Internet Files''.

Click the ''View objects'' button, and this will display all of the ActiveX controls installed. Remove those, so you have none left then close that window. Close the Settings window, then click the ''Delete Cookies'' and ''Delete Files'' buttons. Click Apply, then OK. Now, open IE and see if it freezes the OS. If not, in the address bar, type www. google. com and press Enter. See if your browser works normally now. You have deleted all ActiveX controls, all cookies and TIF's so if you visit any web pages regularly, you may have to re-log in, or re-download components, etc. Your security settings should also have reverted to high, so some web sites may not work properly. But hopefully this will solve the problem of the whole OS freezing.
There are a number of reasons why your computer could be freezing on a regular basis. While the reasons are numbered, there are quite a few common problems that are generally the root cause of many computer mishaps that IБll cover in this article. If your computer is running slowly and would like to find out some easy fixes to the problem, keep on reading. Virus The first possibility, and maybe the most common computer ailment, is a virus. Viruses can do any number of things to a computer, but while theyБre stealing your data or ruining your files, theyБre using up precious system resources that could be used for other important tasks.

By running in the background without your knowledge, a virus could sap away all of your processing power or available system memory to cripple your machine into unusability. If you think that you might have a virus, the first thing youБll want to do is obviously download anti-virus software to help hunt it down and remove it. With it removed, your computer will have less tendency to freeze on basic tasks and will generally run smoother. Hardware In terms of actual freezing, or Бblue screeningБ in the case of some computer users, the problem may actually be hardware. Hardware malfunctions БconfuseБ the computer by not allowing it to do the tasks itБs trying to do, and when it runs into a broken or malfunctioning chip within the motherboard, it may not know how to continue. The easiest thing for an operating system to do when this happens is to freeze to prevent any data loss or further damage to the computer. Disk Defragment Another possibility as to why your computer freezes on a regular basis is because you havenБt defragmented your hard drive in quite some time.

Defragmenting your hard drive takes all of your БscrambledБ data and reorganizes it so that itБs easier for the computer to find. Just like a messy desk with papers all over the place, a computer sometimes needs to take time to reorganize the data it has so that everything is easier to find. The defragmentation program is located in different places on each Windows operating system, so check online for where yours is located. Full Diagnostic Because the number of possibilities are endless as to why your computer could be freezing or running extremely slowly, the best thing to do is to take your machine to a computer technician for a full diagnostic. IБve done my best to let you know of some of the most common reasons why a computer may freeze, but without being able to actually investigate in person, itБs impossible to be able to determine the actual cause of the freezing. Operating System Installation If possible, a full operating system reinstallation is often the best way to stop freezing from occurring. If after you reinstall your operating system you still have trouble with freezing, chances are the problem is hardware related and youБll have to talk to a technician to determine what needs to be replaced.

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