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why does my flat screen tv keep shutting off

Okay, I have a TV that has had an issue for quite some time now. It is a Seiki 39 inch 1080p LED TV, model number SE391TS. Not a common TV, I can't find it anywhere. The problem is that the TV will randomly shut off while in use. It doesn't turn back on, it has to be turned back on manually. It can be turned right back on right away and will stay on until it eventually shuts off at random again. There is no distinguishable time between shut offs. Sometimes its an hour, others its 4 hours, some days it never happens. I haven't found any patterns to when it shuts off, but it seems to occur more often when the temperature is higher, as I rarely have this problem in the winter. This could be total coincidence, as use the TV less often in the winter. Also, the TV never showed this problem when I bought it used in 2012 (that lower price is showing its true value now, I guess).

So, here is where I am now. I want to identify the source of this problem. My experience tells me this is likely a power supply related problem. But, something else could be causing the problem. Maybe the logic board has a problem, maybe the panel is going bad, maybe the, or something else. I'm asking you guys, to give me some help, advice, and ideas to help me through the problem. If it is power supply, I have a couple of options on how to approach it. I have already opened the TV and looked at the power supply. I don't see any visual clues that any of the capacitors are going bad, but that may not be the whole story. I don't have a multi-meter or a capacitor tester, so I currently have no way of testing them. However, I found the power supply on ebay for under $30, so I was considering just buying that and hoping that would fix the problem.

What do you guys think? Thanks.
Hi jay_199407. We regret to read that you're having issues with your TV set. It's hard to say what the issue may be without getting more information and doing more troubleshooting on this, however, I think there may be some things that might be at issues here of others that can be ruled out. Usually when the power cuts on/off intermittently like that, had it been closer to the date of purchase, you might have suspected the power transformer. Typically what happens during transportation or when the unit is moved around while in storage is that it gets jostled around a lot and sometimes, the power transformer gets damaged. When you get the TV, this in most cases manifests itself within the first week or sooner thereafter, hence the 2 week store return policies.

The other issue could be that the motherboard gets a hairline fracture which increases as time goes on. When you say that when you push in the power cord in the back of your TV, the TV starts working but that the problem reoccurs a few hours later may or may not be an indication of that. The only other thing that comes to mind may be that the relays have gone bad hence the unit intermittently cycling on/off. If the relays have gone bad, you probably would hear them clicking on/off during all this. As much as I hate to say it and I hope I am wrong, you may have an issue with the motherboard and depending on the severity of the damage, assuming that it is damaged, it might be costly to repair. I am not a technician nor an engineer so I am not saying any of this is accurate, just offering suggestions on what might be a probable cause.

You can either contact the LG Customer Interactive Center at (800) 243-0000 for assistance with troubleshooting this if needs be, you can then opt to set up a Service Call with either a Local Repair Provider or have LG pay you a visit. They should be able to give you an estimate so you can decide on how to proceed from there! If you need to set up the Service Call, you can also visit www. lg. com/us/support to do it online or you can engage in a live chat with an LG representative. Be sure to have the Model number and serial number for your TV handy. Give as much description of the issues you're having along with any description of when or how you have been able to get the TV to turn on. IFV

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