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why do we feel hungry after a heavy physical exercise

Drink a lot of water. Alternate Answer I am not a physician and I am not an expert in diet or human physiology. The following is for information and entertain
ment. Do some research and review anything you want to try with your primary care physicians. This is a wonderful question. If feelings of hunger are troubling you because you are trying, as the question seems to suggest, to lose weight, then the very best thing you can do when you feel hungry is to eat something. Our bodies can't tolerate feelings of hunger for very long, and well meant attempts to lose weight result in our gaining more weight than we already lost. When we make our bodies feel hungry for long periods, our bodies trick us by kicking in some physiology that helps us NOT to lose! The body is reacting to what it senses is a period when food is scarce. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense! The following ideas are paraphrased from a television program I saw several years ago featuring Paul McKenna PhD, a British author on diet and weight loss.

The basic concept is correct but there may be errors in my recall of specifics after several years. The idea is to learn how to eat the way that healthy and slim people eat. That involves learning what if feels like for the body to be hungry, and also learning what it feels like when the body is no longer hungry. When you feel hungry, eat. Eat what you want to eat, and eat as much as you want. But, stop eating when you are no longer hungry. That's the tricky part. When you eat, eat slowly. enjoy every bite and chew until you have gotten all the pleasure and goodness out of it. It's better not to be doing anything else while eating, like watching television. Those things distract us and we continue eating well after we no longer feel hungry.

When you sense that you are no longer hungry, stop eating. You clearly know that you will eat again when you feel hungry. Don't force yourself to feel or to remain hungry or deprived. When you are hungry again, go back to number one and eat. The above could be broadly summarized this way. Healthy weight loss is not about learning how to starve. It is about learning how to eat. Exercise is a great way to lose weight and keep yourself healthy. If you eat healthy and exercise, there is no way that you would continue to be fat given what you eat is healthy. Exercise is one simple weight loss solution that no one should ignore. It is such a wonderful feeling when you run for 20 odd minutes,though for optimal weight loss, the solution that most experts suggest is a minimum of 45 minutes of exercise per day. But this post is about what happens after the exercise.

A lot of people including myself feel hungry after exercise and end up eating more than we normally do. Hence, we get the impression that all our weight loss efforts go to waist after we exercise so there is no point in doing any exercise if you are going to eat more afterwards. Worry not as new research has shown that people who do exercise, END UP eating less than people who do not exercise. Notice I say the word END UP. You might eat more than what you normally do at lunch with exercise but in the overall scheme of things, you would eat less, says the report. And lets not forget the fact that you build muscle when you exercise and muscles help you lose weight fast. Simple weight loss solution is all about losing weight in a way that is uncomplicated and easy to implement. What I normally do is I exercise late in the evening. I exercise, I get tired, I get hungry and I get thirsty.

I drink water and then go to sleep. That worked for me but I know it does not work for everyone as your body temperature is quite high after you exercise, people have trouble going to sleep after a long exercise session. What you can do instead is what I have pointed to before. You can have a list of foods that are extremely low in calorie and extremely high in volume. Such foods include Spinach (try to eat 1 or 2 pounds of raw Spinach) and celery. Celery is a wonder food. Low calorie, low fat, low GI value. It is what you are looking for to stuff your stomach with when you are feeling hungry. Try to fill yourself up with these foods until your cravings go away. After that, you can have a little bit of what you REALLY want to eat. Generally I have found that the hunger that one experiences after exercise after the exercise session. Let me know how it works out for you guys.

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