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why does my fish tank smell like rotten eggs

Get into the habit of removing uneaten food so it doesn't clog up your filter or cause your tank to become so dirty that you get another imbalance that results in an unhealthy water environment and a sulfurous smell. Do a partial water change every week or two by taking out 10 percent to 20 percent of the water and replacing it with dechlorinated tap water.

If you see algae building up inside your tank, use a long-handle scrub brush to remove it, or get an algae-eating fish like a plecostomus to help keep the tank clean.

Talk to your vet about other commercially produced water additives that can safely help you cut down on smells in the future.
I'd recommend doing 25% water changes every 1-3 days until the ammonia is down to zero, then you can do water changes once a week, but 3 weeks is really pushing it.

Ammo-lock 'neutralizes' ammonia so that it is not as toxic to fish, but it doesn't remove ammonia. It just converts it into a different form. That's why you're still getting the ammonia readings on your ammonia test. The ammonia is still there, it is just not as caustic to your fish.

Also, the ammonia will still be converted into nitrites the same way the 'toxic ammonia' is- and the nitrites are also dangerous for fish. Anyway, when it comes down to it water changes are the best cure!

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