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why should we not hire you interview question

Most jobseekers are prepared for the most popular interview questions, no matter how tricky they seem. But a lesser-known question that can trip up even the most prepared candidate is the question Why shouldnt We hire you?
Why Do Hiring Managers Ask This Question? This question seems so impossible to answer that many interviewees wonder why hiring managers bother to ask it. The truth is that, like many curve-ball-type questions, Why shouldnt we hire you? serves two purposes. First, hiring managers want to see what you do when faced with an unexpected obstacle that forces you to think on your feet. In this way, Why shouldnt we hire you? is no different than any other weird interview question, like Why are manhole covers round? Second, Why shouldnt we hire you? is the same question as What is your greatest weakness? , only less directly. In both situations, the hiring managers want to know whether you have the self-awareness to know your weaknesses and the initiative to address them. How Should You Answer? Because this question seeks to test your resolve and your awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses, the best answer is one that demonstrates that you know your own strengths, youve discovered your own weaknesses, and you know how to use what you have to make up for what you lack.

Answered correctly, Why shouldnt we hire you? offers you an opportunity to shine. Heres one of my weaknesses, and heres how I deal with it. The most straightforward response identifies a reason youre not a perfect candidate, and then explains how you manage this flaw. When answering in this manner, its best to choose a weakness in a soft skill like time management rather than a weakness in a hard skill like a lack of experience or education that is essential to job performance. This way, you demonstrate an understanding that no one is perfect, but you dont give the interviewer a genuine reason not to hire you. I dont know, but I can tell you why you should hire me. If youre stuck when it comes to describing one of your weaknesses, consider simply returning to your strengths especially if you have a particular strength you havent yet discussed in the interview. Keep in mind, however, that this approach is weaker than the first one because the interviewer may notice you didnt actually answer the question. If youre looking for the next step on your career ladder or hoping to find a brand new position making the most of your skills and experience, contact THE RIGHT STAFF. Our experienced recruiters can help you find the professional position youre looking for.

Call us today to learn more! In average, ten people apply for a new job opening in retail. People who will compete with you for the job have similar resume and background, and it is not easy for the interviewers to pick the best candidate (typically this will be decided by the answers to interview questions). You can try to make a difference, following advice from this website. But you should count with a possibility that at least some other candidates will do exactly the same thing. Many job will actually use one of the following answers to the why should we hire you question: Because I am the best candidate for the job. (How can you say that? Have you met the other candidates in person? How can you tell that you are better? ) Because I need this job desperately. I have four kids to feed. (Many of us face difficult situation in life. However, interviewers are not interested in you problems. They are not going to give you a job just because you desperately need one. ) I do not know why you should hire me. (If you do not know, how can they know?

You should show some confidence in an interview, and you should find a reason why it makes sense to hire you). We hear many bad answers to this particular question in the interviews. But how to do it the right way? You should identify some value you can bring to the retail store. Try to find something that makes you unique. I know it is not easy. But if you think about it for long enough, or if you ask some friends, they should tell you what makes you unique, and simply marvelous :). In an ideal case, it should be something related to the work in retail. Check the sample answers below. People say it is a pleasure to spend time with me. I make other people feel good on the workplace, and with my strong motivation to work hard, I believe to motivate them to deliver their best as well. Not many people have this attitude to work, and I believe you should hire me because of my attitude. Honestly, I have not met other applicants, so I do not know anything about their qualities. But what speaks for me is definitely ten years of experience in this field. I know how to deal with all kinds of customers and situations that can happen in a retail store. Answers to 30 most common questions.

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